Access FaceBook Page without an Account?

Can you access Facebook without having to have an account and login? I would like to do a Quiz from a legit survey but do it on there Facebook page but I don’t have an account, nor do I want one.

You’ll need to sign up for an account to do the quiz :slight_smile:

Like you I don’t want a FB account so when peope send me this sort of stuff I either just ignore it or ask the originator if they have a non-facebook version of the quiz.

Thanx for the reply, there is a manual way to take the quiz that will have to do :slight_smile:

I was trying to listen to someone’s version of a Mozart tune but YouTube had sent a notice claiming there was copyright (on Mozart, haha, lawlz) and replaced the uploader’s video with some ad-filled steaming pile. So the uploader added his/her own ads saying the real video was on some Facebook page.

I was able to follow the link to listen to it, but there was a popup box telling me to log in or get a Facebook account. I ignored it.

Too late, I did the Quiz I got average !