Create a Facebook business Page without a personal profile. Still possible?

Okay, I literally did this less than a month ago. If someone wanted a business Page but didn’t have (nor want) a personal profile, Facebook allowed you to go here to create a Page. Once you selected the type of business, if you weren’t signed in, you were given the option of either doing so, or selecting “I don’t have a personal account.”

If you chose that option, you could create a business account instead—the difference being that a business account can’t interact with others or send/receive friend requests like a personal profile.

The page on the Facebook Help Center explaining the difference worked yesterday, but has been replaced by “Page cannot be found.”

I’m trying to find out whether it’s still possible to create a business Page without having a personal profile. If anyone has the answer, please share.


As far as I’m aware, you don’t need a personal profile. Have you actually tried going through the setup process? That would pretty much confirm if this is the case or not.

Yes indeed you can create a Facebook business profile, without creating a business profile for the same.
In order to do that you need to create a business page following the link given at the footer of the Facebook login page.

Yes, right before I posted this. I’m trying to find out if the option still exists, albeit hidden.

I did indeed follow that link. But once you choose the type of Page, Facebook prompts you to either sign in or create a personal profile. The option to create a business account is no longer available.

Don’t be so hard on yourself you still need a personal profile to create a business page on Facebook.

No this is not possible in facebook.First we must create facebook personal profile ,then only we can able to create facebook business profile,without having personal login details,we cant create business profile.



yaa you can create your business page or group but for this first you have to signup in facebook with your personal details.If you really want to advertise or run your business by facebook then it will be better to first make maximum friends and post a good contant and attract all.

Yes creating the business page without the Facebook profile page is possible. Recently facebook haven’t made any changes in the policy which does restrict the user from creating the business page.
you can take the help at the footer links to create the Facebook business page however make sure that you choose the appropriate category…& mention all the relevant details.

Hello, I don’t think that’s possible; without any account on facebook you will be the admin for a business page. If you are going to do any activities on facebook may be create a business page or fan page you must have an account on facebook.

Yes, it is possible. However, I want to know new thing, please help me. "If I created Face book business page without created any profile, but after then if i want to create Face book profile with same account. It is possible or not?

Hello :slight_smile: I just checked and it looks to me like you can create a FB page for your business without also creating a personal acct. Maybe the day you tried it was just bugged or something?

No dear, you can not create your business page without personal account or profile on Facebook. You need to sign up Facebook to create business page.

no option to create a business page on Facebook without a profile

Yes, there is no option to create a page without personal account.
You must log in in to your personal account for create a business page.;

Thanks for the responses everyone. At this point, I believe the OP has their answer.

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