Magento 2 payment gateway in Australia

Hello guys. I am trying to find a way to integrate some form of card payment into a Magento2 store. The problem is that the store sells to Australia so I need the payment method to be accepted in Australia, but the payment form (card number etc) must not be processed or stored on my store. I don’t want the customer to log into third party sites for the payment, I just want the customer to be redirected automaticaly from checkout to a landing page (of the card procesor) where he fills his card details and that’s it. I own a Transferwise Account number (with BSB Code) where I would like the money to be transferred (minus the fees of the procesor of course).
I have used several solutions like this (Mobilpay, ING, Payu et) on European stores but I have found nothing of this sort for Australian stores.
I am currently using PayPal in the manner described above, but the taxes are huge and I have to go thru 2 currency conversions before I can get the money, so definitely not ideal.
Did anybody work with a payment method that meets this requirements?

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