Gateway and Internet Merchant

Hi there,

I’m just setting up my first online store. And i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice in finding the right Gateway/ Internet Merchant solution. I’m in Australia, and i only have a business account with a Australian bank. My customers however are located all over the english speaking world. I had a look into the option of going with one of Australia’s biggest Gateway’s “eWay” in combination with a internet merchant account with my local bank (they offer this service).

But is this the best way to go? The guys at my local bank, the NAB, are not the friendliest and most helpful when i “bother” them with my questions. So i was wondering, because my customers are international anyway, if it wouldn’t be better to go with a american Gateway. Maybe one that offers a internet merchant account as well as a all in one solution.

Does anyone have experience with Australian Gateways or international trading, and can give me some new ideas?

Kind Regards,

Hello Honorfield,

From our experience, eWay is probably the biggest in Australia and our customers like it. I’d advice you to get in touch with them directly and ask for advice regarding the process of setting it all together with your bank. They should help you, I guess.

As for the international options, you should definitely consider PayPal and Authorize.Net. However, it’s really hard to advice on the financial/organizational side of this question from here since we may not know details related to doing business in Australia.

Thanks, i have spoken to paypal, that might be an option for me. I didn’t know that they offer a payment gateway as such as well.

Another thing i’m working on is multiple currency support. I’m still trying to understand what is required for it. I’d like the customer to be charged in the currency that he chooses to pay. But because my internet merchant account is with an australian bank, payments will probably be processed in AU Dollars only. Apparently the NAB supports multiple currency, but the people there are really hard to get hold of and take ages to respond!

Does a Gateway have to support multiple currencies as well, or is it only up to the internet merchant account and of course the shopping cart software (prestashop in my case) to handle the currency?

I would be very happy with any help i can get here!