Taking credit card payments?


How do you take credit card payments on your websites please?

Also, if you're resident in one country in Europe, but want that money from above to go to your bank account in another country, what would be the best way to do that please?


I only use PayPal.


Whatever you decide to do, do not code a payment method by hand. Use an established company. Then you will avoid horrendous legalities and security concerns.


Are there particular systems to recommend?

Thanks, I had thought of that, does your/that PayPal system still mean that the money comes from their credit card, as opposed to their current account?


With PayPal, if the customer has a PayPal account, it will take the money from their PP account if there is any money in the account; if not it will take the money from whatever source the customer has chosen. I think I'm right that it could be credit card, debit card or direct from a bank account. If the customer doesn't have a PP account, it will ask for a debit or credit card.


Thank you Gandalf. In my mind, and I could be wrong, I perceive that the public puts more trust in the Credit card logo, than the PayPal logo - would peeps here agree on that?

Your last sentence above appeals to me, "If the customer doesn't have a PP account, it will ask for a debit or credit card." I do like the sound of that. Does that mean it is still a 'PayPal' system?


Yes, it's all processed by PP.

I've been using PP for donkey's years now. There may be "better" and/or cheaper solutions but it has served me well. I'm pretty sure PP was the first company to suffer phishing and some people at the time blamed PP. We know better than that now. I would probably have succumbed myself but that I used a separate email address for PayPal, one that I use for nothing else.


Thanks, this is useful information. I know that most people prefer to pay by credit card, so would like that to be the only / first choice option really.

What do others here use to get credit card payments via their websites?


As a customer using a PayPal check-out, you have the option to sign in and pay with your PayPal account (if you have one) or to simply go ahead and pay with a credit/debit card. So even if you have a PayPal account, you still have the option to pay directly by card. (Useful if you want to use a card other than the one linked to your account.)

I think PayPal is now well-established and well-trusted. There are other methods, such as Stripe, Sage Pay, WorldPay, etc., but PayPal is possibly the easiest to set up. (It's the only one I've ever used, so I may be wrong there, but it's the impression I had when I last looked around.)


Thanks TB.

Also, for the other question:


I have no experience of that issue from which to comment.

You can link a bank account to your PayPal account, and transfer funds from PayPal to the bank. Whether or not PayPal expects the bank to be in the same country you are, I have no idea. You'd need to check their TOS.


As far as I can make out, it doesn't matter where the connected bank accounts are with PayPal, you pay, or get paid just the same in you chosen currency. I've paid for stuff all over the world with it, UK, US, Japan, Coatia, it really doesn't matter. PayPal just work out the currency conversion and send it on where it's due.


Thanks Chris, it's just that I remember last year, trying to start a PayPal account, where I was living in the UK and wanted the money to be paid into my bank account in France, but they said that it couldn't be done?


OK. I see where you're coming from. Not too sure how you overcome that. Presumably that's something to do with physical addressing related to the bank account, but I'd very much be guessing.


Ah, no. You would need to set up a PayPal account on PP France. I have two accounts for that purpose (which is probably against PP's terms of service).


Is there any reason you can't add your UK bank account to PayPal and then simply transfer the money from there to the French account? Slightly less convenient, but if that's the only way...


Paypal is the best option. But if you want to use any other payment get way then easily can use. You can find too many service provider who provide Payment get way.




Yep, I may have to go that route, I was trying to avoid currency charges between those banks.


I think you may find the banks' exchange rates are better than those of PayPal. However, a cheaper way to transfer money from one country to another is Transferwise; their charges are lower than the banks and they use mid-market rates.