Other than paypal

what other payment options should our site have?

Some of agencies provide transaction services.I think money broker is good alternative for paypal…

Paypal is good,but also recommend 2checkout and moneybookers.

PayPal is ideal for credit cards pressing, but what about e-checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT) processing?

Please have a look: http://www.checkgateway.com/payment-gateway-products.shtml

2 checkout is good system, but they have a bit high fees.

What he means is you can have Paypal accept credit cards without a customer having to have a PayPal account via the PayFlo checkout service they offer. It’s $30/month plus 3%+0.30 or so per transaction. When they checkout, it will look like they’re just checking out on your secure credit card server, Paypal’s name doesn’t even have to show up if you don’t want it to. The funds then go into your PayPal account.

Your other option is to use a credit card merchant which provides you with an online gateway, a company such as Authorize.net or First Data. Having customers able to pay with their credit cards is critical, not everyone has a Paypal account or has a Google account. The one advantage of Google Checkout is there’s no monthly fee, only per transaction fee of roughly 3%. Now if only it worked smoothly on Magento!

Hi there maybe you can try 2checkout.com I’ve used them before and it’s great.


I guess there’s always Google Checkout and Amazon Flexible Payments, lots of people have Amazon and / or Google accounts. :slight_smile:

what do you mean, when you post a thread please write in detail so you can get perfect answer.

It really depends on what country you are in and what you are selling. If you are selling downloadable goods, a third party processor might be better than a merchant account. If you are selling membership sites or something else high risk, a third party processor is usually better.

Also, Paypal offers a merchant account to some people based in certain countries.

wepay.com - Just read about it, seems like a good alternative

Direct credit card payments… via paypal as a merchant or another provider.