Payment Gateway / Merchant Account

Hi Chaps,

I’m building an online store, and have got to the point where I need some info about Payments.

The site is in PHP and have already got a cart set up, so just need to accept credit cards and process them to a bank account.

Does anyone have any information or preference on the best service provider to use, level of easiness on integration?

I’m after a service provider that doesn’t require redirection to a third party website (like PayPal), and we can’t apply for PayPal Web Payments Pro, so something that would ‘stay’ within the site would be awesome.

Any info would be a great help.

If you want to accept credit cards directly on your site, and you’re not interested in PayPal Website Payments Pro (which allows you to do that), then do a web search for merchant accounts. If you’re not in the US, you’ll want to put your country in the search (“uk merchant account”) as most US banks won’t set up an account for a non-resident because of certain banking laws here.

Any decent web hosting service allows you to run your site like that. But make sure that you purchase an SSL certificate if people are sending personal details to your site. (An ssl cert. generates urls starting with https://)

EDIT: ah, your aren’t asking about hosting but payment gateways. Sorry. There are lots out there, but what cart software are you using? Often they’ll have a list of companies that support their software.