How to process payments online?

I am from pakistan and i want accept caredit cards on my website, but in Pakistan paypal is not allowed and other bank marchant accounts are to costly, please help that how can i do this?? . i try moneybookers but couldn’t understand their methode and payments. can i do this by using any other countries VISA card? or what way is best for me?

We don’t have those in Australia, but we do have something similar, called credit cards. :stuck_out_tongue:

in Pakistan paypal is not allowed

What an intelligent country!

There are lots of 3rd party shopping carts online, and I personally prefer these to self-hosted CMS solutions, as they require less work (and I’m lazy). The better 3rd party ones you can match to the look of your site. Some of these services, like FastSpring or Plimus, don’t charge you per month, but just take a cut of your sale. Twice a month (or when your account reaches a certain level) they deposit the money in your ordinary bank account. Certainly worth checking out, anyway.

i am also looking for this service

can you use Google checkout?

you are from asia. why not try alipay. it seems that it’s created by a chinese company. maybe youn could search it.

Hi, I’m from Russia, and PayPal does not allow us to have business accounts either. We can only spend money (pay with PayPal). So, in order to get paid, people here use companies that are registered in countries where PayPal business accounts are allowed. The companies take a cut up to 10% of income.