Logo design?

I need a recommendation for a good company/site to design a logo for a professional association. The logo would be used for web site, stationery, stamp etc. Ideally, I do not have big budget and am looking for reasonable cost

I have a small business and need a logo design. How much should i offer to get a logo design.

You could either look up graphic designers in your area, or perhaps check out sites like 99Designs, where you can get cheaper ones.

It’s such a vague question. It’s like asking, how long is a piece of string?

It will vary from every person / company you ask. You are probably best getting a freelancer to do it for fairly cheap. Though as with most things, the more you pay the better it will usually be.

I would that you could get a pretty good one off a freelancer for about $50.

Paying anywhere between $50 and $150 for a logo designed from a reputable company is normal. I would say that you could find a number of companies online around the $50 mark.

Any more than $150 and you’re paying too much

A standard price for a professional logo where I live is about $3000, but of course some companies pay hundreds of thousands of $ for professional logo branding. Branding is pretty important for a business, so beware of “bargain basement” offers.

Yes $50 is nothing for a logo design and generally you should be aware. Some charge less than that $3000 mark when they begin so that they are able to get their name out. Other than that you’ll get what you pay for with a $50 purchase.

In my personal experiences I have paid $50 and over $250 for logo designs with the same results. I can’t really comment on paying $1000-$3000 for a logo design since I have never paid that much for a logo.

This thread was posted asking for a reasonably priced logo for a small business that does not have a big budget. I think $3000 would be breaking the bank in you’re on a budget.

Indeed. But it’s the wrong question to be asking, because there’s no absolute measuring stick for ‘reasonable’. A better question would be—“What kind of a logo can I get for 50 bucks, and will it be good enough for a professional outfit?”

Do you have a good idea of what you want your logo design to look like? If not I would recommend getting a gig from Fiverr.com, alot of the gigs are done by professionals and each designer will give you a unique design that matches your criteria. It might give you a few differant concepts to chose from, and you may get a logo design you really like!

The logo is a symbol of your business which will represent your identity across the globe. Currently, several design tools and technologies are available in the market and there is huge competition in the web designing arena. Hence, it will help you create an attractive logo design for your organization and at a reasonable cost. There are many freelancers and web design companies available in the market. You can opt any one of them, but before finalizing you need to check their portfolio and client reviews. They will assist you in selecting or designing a professional designer logo as per your budget and the message that you want to communicate.

.You can opt any one of them, but before finalizing you need to check their portfolio
Best advice that could be given when it comes to choosing a designer. Ever client reviews are spotty as the client and client expectations would also need to be provided for the context of the review to be clear and accurate ( also some designers will filter their bad reviews) In short relying on ‘social’ is not very ‘scientific’, focus on the portfolio. Specifically, see if the designer matches your style and needs.

Of course this means you need to know what you want and need ( more than “a good logo that looks good and works”)

Keep in mind a logo will go on almost everything your company does. It’s weird that one would only want to spend $300 for a logo but be willing to pay $2000 for a site which MUST INCLUDE said logo. Be willing to invest on your brand identity or wait till you functional part is working and generating money to put the necessary time, effort and yes cash into developing your logo.

Changing logos because they didn’t fit… is a bad idea. see all of the above ( and thus why it takes effort and $$) to get it right

OH and revisions aren’t the fix all either. It’s better to get 3 good choices for $2000, than 2000 bad choices for $300 (I am trying o illustrate a general cost to revisions offered ratio, not to say how much much logo services should be in $) . Not only because chances are that $300 wont create a good logo or identity. ( I didn’t say ‘motivate’ because time is money, and as a business if you do something cheap you need to do it in bulk… and a ‘bulk-identity’ is a contradiction in terms). MORE OVER YOU NEED TO BE INVOLVED in the process. Branding is a science as well as an art. So if you get a billion cheap revisions, you ( the client) can’t really spend enough time fine tuning and scrutinizing “why it work ow why it doesn’t”… instead of saying “next!” and hoping to get lucky. Think of it this way: if you got 400 logos and spent only 3 minutes glancing at each one… you spent 20hrs of YOUR TIME (how valuable is that t you?) poorly choosing a logo. On the other hand if you got 3 GOOD, well executed, concepts and then spent a FULL HOUR ACID TESTING EACH … you only spent 3 hours of your time and probably made a better choice from much better options.

I need good advice on how I can best search for good websites that will design my company logo at reasonable prices. I am newly started in my business.

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check with your local schools … maybe find a student looking to add to their portfolio

good luck

Did you tried Fiverr ?

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