Where can i get a free logo for my company?

Hey all,

I am planning to start a website. Where can i get a free logo for that? Advance thanks.

I think logo is the identity for any type of company.
so it is better to have a unique one

Yeah, very few people are going to offer a free logo design tailored to your URL/company name. :smiley:

Thats like asking a web developer for a free website to go with your company! :smiley: Just aint gonna happen! :smiley:

there are various online free logo design sites, such as http://www.logomaker.com/
google is your friend !

Hi there g1siberia,

Logo maker costs $49 dollars once you have created it and so cant really be classed as free! :slight_smile: I suppose it depends on how “free” the original poster would like it to be HAHA! :slight_smile:

Take it easy g1 :slight_smile:

Barter your services for a logo design.

can u mention any details of your website so that if possible any one of us can help.

If you are serious with your company, you’d want to pay for a unique logo. Not much to spend anyway, generally less than $100 and you can get an identity decent enough. Or you may find some designer to design one for you in exchange for a backlink. I was approached in this way several times.

However, if that’s not your case, you may consider free logo templates to start with. Or find one at this [URL=“http://www.famous-logos.com”]company logo collection (older fashions) or at [URL=“http://logopond.com/”]logo pond (web 2.0 style, more edgy).

there are a number of websites that offer professional webtemplates and logo designs. Its a good place to start but as the other posts have mentioned, if you serious about your business then you need to keep the logo unique and professional

Well why don’t you ask some of your friend or someone to design it for you, because nowadays very rarely you’ll find someone offering these services for free… So best of luck hope you succeed in your work God Bless You :slight_smile:

Remember the old adage: “You get what you pay for”.
So a FREE LOGO will, likely, be about as useful as The Pocket Fisherman!

I think while starting a new venture…its best to have a good logo designed by yourself…just take a few lessons in photoshop and make your design…!

Hmm. Interesting advice. I wonder if this applies to other businesses. I’ve never done any plumbing before, but since need some work done maybe I should take a few lessons and start cutting and welding pipes myself.

Or I could pay a professional to do the plumbing and save myself a ton of headaches and get a much better end result.

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This made me laugh till my stomach hurt! :smiley:

While you are at it Helix, why dont you learn to perform surgery so you never have to go into a hospital again! :lol:

You can’t put a price on a professionally designed logo. A good logo can really make a company stand out! I stronly advise getting it done professionally, especially if you possess as much design talent as a cluster of colour blind hedgehogs in a bag!:stuck_out_tongue:

Completely agree with you, Neron, but there are two reasons why this may not be the approach to follow (no because it is correct, a professional logo is what it should be) but because:

  • There is simply no money (either because you are broke to the core and can’t even buy food or because you are simply too young to have an account yourself, or to have any money)

  • You are so tight that you only get what’s given for free even if you have plenty of money.

In the second case, well, I don’t have a good opinion of those persons that only think about saving the penny.

But for those in the first case, especially if they are in need, I do simpathise and understand that even paying $49 may be a huge issue.

I’ll think that you are starting a new venture and that you are really in need. Templatemonster (http://www.templatemonster.com/free-templates.php) offers some examples that are ready to use for free together with some free templates and so on. Have a look and see if it suits your needs.

Try this site too cooltext.com
It may help you out making some cool texts to be kept as a logo :slight_smile:

I used them couple of times, good stuff.

I would only use logo’s either I produced myself or paid someone else to produce. Using those 3rd party free services to create your “professional” business a logo is a fine way to make yourself look like a scammer (looking at cooltext, et al), the logo is your brand name and is not something you should take the “free is fine” route with. :stuck_out_tongue:

best templates and logo site is www.templatemonster.com, use this.

You can get premade logos for only $9.95 here: http://www.logo-search.com

They look decent.

And at that price you can be fairly sure they are neither unique nor high quality enough to be any better than those shoddy free ones.