Any suggestions on finding someone to design a logo online?

Hi there everyone!

Now, before you chastise, I have searched. The problem isn’t that I’ve found any, it’s that I’ve found hundreds, maybe thousands and I have no way to prune these results. Although I have nothing against paying for a logo, I’m hoping not to do it multiple times, due to unethical and ill-equipped people.

I’ve never done this so I’m asking those in the know. Both “who” to use and how it works. Does the process give you a few options, allowing you to narrow down what you want or do you have to have a really good idea of what you want in the first place, keeping the number of revisions down?

Thanks very much for your time!

Have you looked at 99 Designs? I haven’t used them, but they have a good reputation (and were/are related to SitePoint, I believe).

Thanks very much for your help Techno, I had found them earlier, but to be honest, the process seemed better suited to a used car dealership than something like logo creation.

I visited the site and chose the “from $599” total package. After going through the application, I landed on a price choice page with the $1599 selection defaulted and descriptions letting me know that I could either have great people work on my design for $2599 or I could have the leftovers throw something together for $599.

I’m not badmouthing the company and my issue isn’t that there were different packages at different price points. I was just hoping to find a company that utilized great designers to work on my project, regardless of the price point.

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I would recommend you You can trust them.
There you can easily in four steps create a logo (you can write your company name, slogan, choose an icon, font, colour, size). With those guys you can get business card design, envelope design, letterhead design and favicon based on your logo. The logo can have raster and vector formats - PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG. Full-size logos there have resolution 1024px, 5000px. Just try, it’s easy.

Thanks very much for the suggestion, Nina. We needed to get hopping on the process so went with 99 and am wrapping up the process in a day or two.


OK your last post was two hours ago, so not sure if you’ve already committed, but my general advice (maybe this will be useful for others who find this thread in the results) is this:

You don’t want to go with a design firm. No. You want individuals. So, post something on or sologig or something like that. The big firms kind of just “crank stuff out” like a mill. In either case, demand like a 50% guarantee, meaning that if, during the back-and-forth you give up, then they only get 50% (or whatever %) of what you had agreed upon.

Secondly, whatever you do, don’t hold a “logo contest”.

Lastly- I’m a programmer! I’ve done design years ago, but I’m just saying I have no bias here, haven’t designed in many years.

good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions Bog. We had hoped to deal with an individual and waited as long as we could but did not want to just pick one out of a bag and hadn’t heard of any suggestions to that end. Our process so far has been the example of your “things not to do” but we’ve already got some entries that we’re happy with, so we’re pretty sure we’ll get what we had wanted out of it.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and suggestions!

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