What is the cost of getting a logo designed?

Hello experts,

Please advice me, I want to create my own logo. How much I pay for a single logo ?

Logo is for non-commercial

Please advice


Hey Jennifer,

It would help if you could provide us with more details, as your question in is current form can only be answered with “It depends”.

In the meantime, I’ve moved your question to the Graphics forum and given it a more descriptive title.

I now this is not a pleasant thought but ANY amount you for a logo is bargain.

Remember, unlike an ad, a website or a brochure a logo is AND SHOULD BE permanent mark ( unless your biz model or target audience changes). You also should take an active part in the design process, answering your BRAND DESIGNER’s questions and providing info about your organization and your intend target demographic.

I want to create my own logo. How much I pay for a single logo ?

btw that phrase is self contradictory. are you creating your own OR hiring a professional?


I want hire a professional.[/B]

If you are hiring a professional then it cost around above 20$.
But otherwise it depend upon your logo requirements.

Then I would head to a service such as 99designs where you can specify your requirements as well as your budget and find a graphic designer to match.

is that a per hour quote or quote for a logo? I am not sure how anyone can create a logo for such a low rate if thats the cost of the logo development because according to me the logo would define the company to the world and you cannot think if a logo in an hour. It would need multiple versions, revisions, understanding the business and finally shortlisting some logos and then finalizing a logo and would definitely involve hours of work. I think a base cost would be no less than $300 as a starting price for a good logo and then going above that depending on the kind of requirement, etc.

The price is very variable now a days. Some designers are still old school and charge PER hour while others are charging a flat rate.
It really depends on how complex the work is or how long it takes.

Cheapest price would be… well… for free :slight_smile:

A regular, nothing fancy, simple graphic + type logo could be as cheap as 50-150

A more decent logo (one that was designed from the ground up with creativity) is between 300 and 1200 (check 99designs.com/pricing)
You’ll get 30-50 different designs and many options to chose from.

If you go with a design firm or freelance designer you may get something good that you like a lot for less.

You can look on Fiverr where there are lots of people offering to create logos for, a fiver :slight_smile:

The only thing about this is, a lot of those logos will be copied for instance multiple company names can fit with one logo design, I was a member at another forum where they cracked down on people doing this eventually.

Yes any cheap or free logo is basically a template and you will find 100s of sites / companies using them. But the fact remains is as you develop and more and more people come to know - the logo or the brand image would be an important part of how a person or client views your company. If he / she has seen a similar branding earlier, they might feel you have simply lifted it from somewhere. Hence, if you are thinking of long term, its best to invest in branding or try to create something unique yourself (even though it might not look attractive) and slowly invest in branding as you progress.