Advice needed on Logo Design Companies


I’m looking for some advice, if possible.

I’ve been looking at some logo design companies, but have no idea if they are considered reputable or not. They are not those contest type of company that get 50 designers to work for you. I’ve read enough about those and am not impressed.

These companies say that they’ll get two designers working on your Logo, you get two revision or something like that (some say infinite…another alarm goes in my head) and finally you should get it finalized in one week or so. They cost around 250-300$. I would name them, but I’m not sure if that goes against the forum rules or not.


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OK so these are the companies I was considering. Any of them any good or not really?

Here we would of course recommend 99designs, which has an excellent reputation and is a sister company to SitePoint. :slight_smile: (99Designs recently rebranded, and put its faith in its own community of designers to get them to help with the rebrand.)

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Hi and thanks for the reply.

So far I’ve been discouraged of using “competition websites”. I’ve seen several comments throughout the web regarding copyright issues (apparently designers ripping off other people’s content) and lack of quality from artists who aren’t really motivated by the low chance of winning.

Or at least that’s what I’ve read, but I see you share a different point of view. Would you disagree with these opinions against the so called “contest websites”?


Well, there are two sides to it—and the dividing line is basically your budget. The ideal is to have a branding expert—a trained graphic designer or whatever—create your brand, which includes everything from a logo to letter heads, color schemes etc. Branding is a lot more than a nice-looking logo. But all of this is expensive. Sometimes, your budget just doesn’t warrant such a big outlay—at least not at first. In that case, it makes sense to get yourself a nice logo at low cost. It may be all you need to get started. A lot of nice logos come out of these competition sites, but they are what they are. Some would argue that these operations undercut those doing professional work (the view of one graphic designer friend of mine), but on the other hand, they attract the sorts of clients that are unlikely to choose a more expensive option anyway. So there’s something for everyone.

In terms of copyright issues etc., it’s always good to do a bit of groundwork and research. You could, for example, run a proposed logo through Google Images, to check if anything similar is already out there.

Hmmm, Does TinEye find “similar” ?

It seems to do “sizes” and “colors”

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I see your point, didn’t think about it that way.

The image search is definitely a good idea, thanks for that.

By the way, besides that kind of website do you have any suggestions for online portfolio websites?

I’m not quite sure what suggestions you’re looking for.

I’ve seens this website called Logopond and they seems to show some works of a few designers.
Any other such websites you’d recommend?

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