Less Earnings This Week?

Hi all,

I had a couple really killer AdSense days last week with higher earnings than usual. Yesterday and today, however, my earnings have been lower than they have been in MONTHS.

I’ve noticed when looking at my own websites that Google is advertising quite a bit for their holiday push. I’m assuming that they actually aren’t paying for the ad space on my website.

Anyone else noticing this stuff?

You figure it is too late to ship some things now, and some advertisers may be winding down their ad campaigns a little. That would be my guess.

You are assuming google display it’s own ads and if clicked would not pay for them? And that could be the explanation for your very low earnings since Yesterday?

You must look at the large picture, you say your earnings have been low for two days, but what has changed since yesterday? ad impressions have decreased? or is it ecpm?

same problem

my page ecpm declined :frowning: but u can say clicks are only decreased 200 to 150

traffic too 8K to 6K as well unique

Yesterday (24th) I made the lowest adsense earnings since 27th february 2010. But the traffic is almost exactly the same for both days.
My traffic has fallen quite dramatically over the past few weeks, after some very good months in 2010, including my personal record month in may.
CPC is $0.2 higher now than on february 2010, but CTR is down about 1%.

I use collapsible ad units everywhere, I don’t show PSA but I also don’t use the space to advertize other things, I just want the ads to shrink down and save the space if there is nothing interesting (financially) to display.

The Advertisers spend most of their money before Christmas.
The days after Christmas are usually very low in earnings.

Seeing a rebound today. Maybe it is the after Christmas sale period now. :slight_smile:

I would have to agree. I got a couple of very high clicks a few days ago but now Christmas is over it’s dropped significantly :frowning:


The important thing here is NOT to introduce changes to AdSense until
around mids of January when things have normalized again.
If you introduce changes now you will falsify your conclusions.