Google is showing more default ads then ever

google is showing more default ads then ever

low earnigs, anyone experience ?

Hey There,

I actually came to the forum for the same reason… well, low earnings. Not sure on frequency of default ads. Starting around the 21st of this month, the CPC for ads being displayed dropped. Traffic to my site as some, but (knock on wood), nothing too significant, or at least as significant as the revenue decrease.

What’s your CPC look like?


dropped around the same time 21th

my ecpm around right now is 0.67 before i was getting $1 ecpm

so my earnings dropped almost half…hopefully it will pick up soon?

if anyone has similar experience please share light on this…when i go to other site i see lot of default ads as well…maybe it’s bad month for google?

Yeah, same story… almost exactly same drop percentage wise of about 30%.

I wonder if they changed their display algorithm (for finding ads), much like the Panda update? Just a thought, I do not have evidence to base this on. My traffic is almost dead one with July (less than 0.5% variation).

I’m really irritated, especially if it’s some sort of algorithm update, because I’m not running a content farm. I was hit by Panda for traffic, and then recouped the loss of revenue (due to traffic drop) by really analyzing placement. Not sure what to think… perhaps I should contact Google because, after all, it means I’m making less money for them, too.

exactly the same here.

traffic the same but less revenue.

we use both cpm and cpc to bring up our revenue to a certain level. but still we are making less with google hopefully next month will pick up.

I’ve made a conscience (albeit unscientific) effort to notice what ads are showing around the web today. For me, I did see a heck of a lot of default ads. Now, granted, they supposedly track and display relevant ads, and things like AdWords are relative to me. That being said, I do not recall it being anywhere near this volume at all.

I haven’t noticed this pattern before, but a thought did cross my mind. Could it be since it’s the end of the month AdWords Client’s budgets are running out early? I believe they’re supposed to be equally spaced, but just another thought…

By the way, found this thread on Google, which sounds similar to our problem:

What is going on with AdSense? Is anyone else seeing a dramatic decrease in earnings? - AdSense Help

I haven’t read the entire thing yet (it’s a bit lengthy), but will try to finish the read tonight

i think the best just email google lol so many complaints about low earnings on the forum

So the numbers are in for August, and in the end, my revenue was down 19.1%. That being said, the hidden story is it was slightly ahead August 1-20, and then 21st went down and pulled the whole month down 19%. It had to be down a good bit to pull it that much.

If I may ask, how’d the month work out for you compared to July? Any stats you want me to pull for comparison?

in JULY we earned $6000
August only $5000 so $1000 decrease…that is a big decrease for us…

and this month probably only $4000

i can see the earnings jump back a little bit

Just an update… immediately at the beginning of September my earnings were back on track, and still are (knock on wood). I wonder if we’ll see the same plummet around the 21st again…

Everyone is away on vacation in the month of August hence a massive big drop for alot of site owners,its the same with most affiliations not just adsense.It has started to pick up straight away all ready.

yes same here. Its picking up a little.

Figured I’d check in again now… after starting September off strong, I am way, way down :frowning:

it’s down for me as well

down as well. making 2k less per month

anyone feeling is down still?

one day i see a big improvement only to see it really bad the next day.

it still down for me