Google earnings down

google earning down for the last 2 days
anyone experience that or just me :sick:

Haha, no. Adsense earnings go up and down, and mine have been going downhill for several months now. But they’re still enough for me :slight_smile:

The day of month, type of offers, seasonal interest, ad budgets, everything that goes into advertiser campaigns change too frequently to pay much attention to such a short period.

As you build up a strong history you can start to predict trends.

As othes have mentioned they do fluctuate and also the biggest market the US are on a extended weekends vacation this weekend so that could well have a big impact on revenue for the next few days.

yes Ted, I agreed you with you on this. It really depends because sometime when we have 1000 clicks we made over $200~$300 a day and sometime only around $150 or less a day.

/:" New to the money making world. Just made $2 till now through adsense. Don’t know how can make enough backlinks. I hope if any of you can share from where to create backlinks.

To make more money, like $10 a day, you have to find the high-paying keywords. For example, if avearage CPC is $2, you only need 5 clicks; if average CPC is $1, you need 10 clicks; if average CPC is $0.5, you need 20 clicks. It is harder to get clicks than find high-paying keywords.