Adsense earnings down down down


is anyones adsense earnings down?

our earnings is down down down…

May be your visitor down.Increase your site content then apply proper SEO technique and increase visitor.Earning will more again.

we have same amount of visitors and more traffic

Our revenue is down for all of our sites. We went from making over $200.00 a day (consistently for years) to $40.00 a day … our traffic is the same. My only thought is GREED.

same here

we went from $300 down to $100 a day… we are seeing lot of default ads.

Something at Google is either broke or we all need to find another revenue source. I have been working in this field since the late 90’s and this is the second or third time Google has pulled the rug out from under us and I am getting tired of it. They don’t understand that we are part of their team.

GA has just banned many account created using voucher so price down is nature

up or down, who cares honestly?
It’s not always the same, increasing the overall traffic is our best bet anyway…

google adsense is improving this week. christmass is coming next month
r u seeing improvements?

what can happen is more web sites enter the market. this means the advertiser dollars are spread out more.

at the same time more advertsiers enter the market.

I have a theory about why adsense revenue is down. The browsers that surf your sites might be blocking adsense ads. Some browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, don’t register a hit in certain tracking programs (my flag counter on my homepage registers a hit from IE but not from Firefox when I visit my own homepage) so maybe the people using Firefox just aren’t seeing the google ads as much? My flag counter hit counter is recording only about 1 in 20 visitors to my home page. The analog site stats program for my site does a much better job of recording hits. Also, sometimes cell phones won’t display google ads, so the increase in cell phone web surfing could be impacting ad revenue too. Rather than make special css code or apps for cell phones accessing my site, I just use basic html from the WYSIWYG program called Seamonkey and left justify all of my text (especially titles) so that cell phones will display the text properly in the web surfing tools. To get more revenue you may just have to contract with individual advertisers based on the number of hits to the pages where the ads appear. Good luck.