Why my Google AdSense income dropped 30%


I don’t know why my Google AdSense income dropped 30% in the last few weeks. Sometimes I saw un-consistent ads (like cell phones) on my dating sites too.

Does any one have the same issue?

I used to make about $20 a day, and now only $14.

What is a good dating affiliate program I should use as an alternative if Google AdSense income keeps dropping down like this?

thanks very much!

I have noticed the same thing with one of my client’s sites. CPM has fallen way off, sometimes by nearly 50%. CPM that was in the 20-30 cents range for months has now fallen closer to 10 cents. Not sure if it is post-holiday inventory unloading by AdSense advertisers or if AdSense is smart-pricing the hell out of the site.

I have another client site that is of similar subject matter, similar traffic and ad placements and it’s CPM is 3-4 times the other site. Very odd.

You should consider Holidays, Weekends, and things when you calculate your Revenue. Google Adsense isn’t a sure-fire fixed system, they are real people placing maximum bids. And sometimes it’s lower than others.

You should estimate Last Months stats compared to how far along this month is and see if it’s going to reach the same total. It could just be lower traffic.

i think it’s related to the email that Google sent out, regarding allowing other advertisers to use Google Ad platform.

does google adsense pay for page impressions?

I think they do since there’s a very small amount that gets accumulated outside of per-click revenue. But it is very small, much smaller than what I have seen from any of the CPM-based network. Without clicks, Adsense is not good.

Is there a way to track who clicked on your ads in google adsense and in which blog post?

Who - I’m not sure. But which page, yes if you use Google Analytics.

I do use Google Analytics, but where do you look in google analytics to see where did they click?

Go to Content -> AdSense -> Overview

One of the smaller window will show you which page generating how much AdSense revenue.

Thanks a lot ! Looks like I have a long long long way to go. which one is better, picture ads or text ads?

I personally like the mix of both for variety. Sticking with picture only (at least for me) ended up with too many of the same ads.

I have had better luck with just text ads, but I have heard other who like the picture ones. Best bet would be to test each one out and see what converts best on your site.

Always test your ads to see which ones are working and which are not, then tweak the working ones. I do agree that the lesser revenue could have come from decreased traffic.

how do you know which ad did they clicked on in the post or on the page?

Sometimes Google is doing abtesting to your website with new commercials / advertisers.
I suggest you speak to them and tell them about the drop, don’t abandon this program because of that.

It has gotten even worse for my client’s site. CPM and revenue are down better than 50% this month and this is with site traffic pretty much level with the last few months. (down at most 5-10%). CPM sometimes is not breaking 10 cents when for several months it was consistently in the 20-30 cents range.

Something very odd is going on, as this is the first time I have seen this happen in the last 4 years I have been using it.