Kindly requesting feedback :)

Hi guys,

I made a new website for my web services company, it simply aims to clearly communicate what we offer, and hopefully impress potential clients. I agonized over the name for a long time: i wanted something that’s short, memorable, unique, and of course have the domain name available.

If i could have feeback on the design, navigation, text, and the name, I would be very grateful!

Thanks very much

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Wonderful site, I especially like the URL and concept integration (the sea at the bottom is really fantastic!)

Navigation is fairly slick, but I felt a little confused when scrolling and then click on the menu after. Perhaps clearer distincition between sections and/or some kind of css animation flourish on the main page title to indicate you browsing to that section would help make things clearer.

Nice work !

PS: the favicon.png is missing

Hi @Jake_Broughton, and welcome to the forums.

I like quirky things, so the name appeals to me, and I like the logo.

I quite like the design, and the blue/green “sea” areas, which provide a nice contrast against the black. Unfortunately, I can’t read the text in those areas, which rather defeats the purpose. I suspect that the white lettering may be difficult for many people to read, as there is insufficient contrast with the background colours in some areas. (Making it larger/bolder may help.) I can’t read text against a moving background, but if I do what I normally do and disable JavaScript, I get white text on a white background. Not the best combination.

The line below “Contact” - “Ask something or just say hi” - is almost invisible against the green patterned background. (I had to zoom several times to find out what it said.)

The sub-menu items are also difficult to read because of the lack of contrast and smaller text size.

You might find this contrast analysis tool useful: There is also a desktop tool available from

Hope that helps.

Thanks very much for the useful feedback, I agree on all points. :slight_smile:
And the gadget for analyzing contrast will come in handy.
I’ll let you know when I’ve made the updates.

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Thanks very much!
Not too sure what you mean with regards to the distinction between sections though, could you elaborate?

Thanks again

Hi Jake,

I just reviewed your website and would just say WOW! I like your UI of the website especially images, logo and also footer image. It is attractive and responsive.
great work…

Thank you very much!!

I really like your approach! The sidebar on the right connecting with what happens on the main content… and the way it responds to window resizing. Very nice!

Unfortunately, I have to agree with TechnoBear about the line below Contact. It isn’t very readable.

Nevertheless, the way you connected the top part of the site with the bottom, using the waves on top and the light reflections in the bottom, gives a really nice touch to it, and kind of binds it all together!

Great work!

I tremendously dislike having to stare at a blank screen apart from a file progress counter, especially on slow connections. Is it possible to have a text splash screen to read while waiting.

I also agree about the text colours being difficult to read.

I do like the way the thumbnail backgrounds fractionally zoom and leave constant size captions.

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