Help with a Design Critique

Hello All,

First thank you for taking time for this post.

My client wanted a single Under construction page for his Environment Waste Management Business and my designer has given the design (attached).

The client doesn’t have a definite timeline to start his website and so the counter doesn`t make any sense in the design.

Can you give some critiques for this design in an ‘Under Construction page’ perspective, before I post back to the designer, who is bit not flexible over his designs. I feel the logo and client contacts are missing their importance.

Pls give your comments and critiques.

Thanks again.

As you say the logo looks as though it is just placed on the page and is not integrated into it; I would have it larger. It would have been nice to integrate it into the graphics at the bottom - possibly as a flag?

Overthrow is a strange word to use in this situation " This site will remove forcibly from power your mind. "

If the timer is not correct why have it?

I like the graphics and colours - I notice the far right cloud has the shadow on the wrong side.

It doesn’t say what the site will be about!

Yeah the logo seems a bit like an afterthought. an "overthrow your mind’ might sound edgy but unpleasant and unlikely. Seems like a huffington post title. For a click hole article.
Drawing is cute. but it looks like the sea on the right hand side was a hill once?

The client should remove the counter if they are not going to use it properly.
Bluedreamer is right too. we can kinda guess as what the site will be but it is not clear.
Good look w/your non compliant designer.

… you hit the nail on the head when you said he is not flexible, he’s found a template that’s made it easy for him to look productive… but that is not designing. He is missing the most critical step of design. Function dictates form and if he can’t listen to the function he’ll never adapt to the form, if you are having that much trouble communicating over a landing page, I’d ask myself why I’m so stuck on this designer. He may feel why do I want to nit pick something that’s a temporary and that’s understandable, but it shouldn’t be a big deal to just comment out a timer… //

Thanks Rubble, bluedreamer, pdxShrepa, Turtlewolf, for all your comments and critiques. Will shoot the same to the designer. I think he will learn something from these feedbacks. Thanks again for your time.

As said, there’s no indication of what the site is about, which is a red flag for me. Even if this is a holding page, there’s no reason to bookmark it and come back if you don’t know what it’s for.

I like the graphics, except that the sea looks like a tsunami is brewing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The color pattern looks pretty impressive. The graphics you use on the sea like boat building and other graphics are not give the sensible look to the page… Sea is separate to other graphics and align them…

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