Please review my website I did for a dummy client

Hey guys, I am new to web design and I want to improve my skills, please have a look and give me feedback. Have a nice day :).

Welcome to the forums, @nswnsw4. smile

I find it very hard to offer any kind of useful feedback on an image. A website is for interacting with, and trying to guess how well it would work from an image is a bit like trying to guess what those sandwiches would taste like just by looking at them!

I’m not a fan of sites which require a lot of scrolling for very little information, but I do like the green and white colour scheme, which seems to work well. However, the white text on the green background has insufficient contrast to be accessible. See and

Your “Subscribe to us” form is missing a “submit” button. I also dislike sites which want me to “subscribe” without making it clear what I’m signing up for. Quarterly newsletters? Monthly special offers? Daily updates? I realise this is a dummy site for an imaginary business, but it’s a point to think about.


Thanks for the valuable advice.

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Whenever I need inspiration or something to compare to, I usually go to Dribbble where designers post their work, whether real or just for fun.

Just know, most of the work there is user interface design, not user experience design.

good job I like it

You actually have done great work;
However, it is difficult to review a website based on an image. The images in the website look okay but they seem to be taking the whole space.

As other said hard to tell on an image. As for me I’d say that the “About Us” section doesn’t sell so it shouldn’t appear on the homepage, what your business is selling are sandwiches so show them on the top of everything: on the a real device you wouldn’t see the complete picture you’re showing us.

My other point is that at the top of your screen should appear your location to make sure your customer is close by your business.

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