Is there something else than adsence?


I have a classifieds website running in Australia. Is there something else than google ads? Please let me know?

We have used a company called button brokers. They pay a flat rate CPM for a small button banner on your site. One of the few remaining companies that still pays a CPM.

you can use chitika or commission junction or clikbank etc instead of adsense

I recommend other affiliate network or CPA network such as azoogleads, neverblueads, chitika…

Lots of affiliates to choose from: AdBrite, Clickbank, AffiliateFuture, Chitika. You need to find the best one that fits with your website, i.e. has advertisers that match your website pages.

Yes, the exact alternative is AdBrite. Not as good as Adsense but it serves the purpose.

Yup that’s always an useful option! Keep your website or blog restricted to a particular theme. Update it with some unique content and place the banners of your affiliate network in between the articles. Get attractive banners so that more people will click it. Always keep the banners relevant to your site.

Adsense needs a lot of traffic flow on your website in order to generate a descent amount of money from them.

you can use affiliate marketing which is better than adsense.

for classified sites you can just earn through featured ads/posts where tops10-15 can be listed in home page itself. initially you can have it free and price it as your traffic grows!!

thank you.

You can give the place for placing banners and links in your site to different sites. It will be a good option for earning money.

First, share your traffic or hits stats clearly on your blog or website. This allures potential sponsors alot. Also try your best to make a web 2.0 “friendly” website and obviously a search engine friendly as well.

Go for clickbank - linkshare - affiliatefuel etc as well.


Hi Easyop, there are a tonne of alternatives to adsense, kontera to name but one. I recently replaced all my adsense as one part of my own business model.
I now build autoblogs targeting both only Amazon and Ebay. I never mix the two. My results and musings are as follows

Amazon - $3400 per month
Ebay - $6700 per month
Based on close to 900 niche sites at this point.
Ebay - Very very tricky to get accepted to. I actually found a guy who got in for me for a fee and this was how I got my foot in. Imo, they don’t like affiliates. I do lots of other stuff too but if I was all in EPN I would be a nervous girl. Low paying too, so I had to crunch out the number sites to get in. Less niche research, if its on ebay, people are buyin’, simple as that. Google likes ebay ads so I get more traffic from them.
Amazon - Easy to get into obviously. I go for very long tail specific kwds stuff, usually high ticket items.
As I say, these two form aprt of my overall but I would not stake the house on EPN. They don’t like us affiliates at all. Hope that helps

Yahoo also runs a system similar to Google Adsense.

Use Facebook Ads. Those are highly effective to get traffic to your website. I am using it for past few days and from the day 1 I started getting thousands of impressions as well as good number of clicks.


buy banner ad and links from good website

Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka), is a full-service online advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions, across more than 30,000 websites. If you’re unhappy with Adsense, Chitika is an excellent alternative.

David Jackson

Actually the obvious answer is yes. But it certainly depends on the model you are going to run with in your blog. Is your blog a news type site? Third party ads are the best money makers for that. If your site is a “how to” type of site, then selling your own product or info product might just be the best way. Either way you have to be clear of that first and foremost