Best Adsense Alternatives


My girlfirend is just about to launch an online store and I was wondering if anyone could suggest good networks for advertising and why these would be better than adsense?


Considering you’ve got no replies, these may be of some help to you:


I don’t think any could be better than adsense, except if she can get a good affiliate program totally related to her store.

thanks. Chitika looks really interesting. May give that a go in the beginning and see how we get on.

Amazon and Ebay, both offer good returns.

I am not a fan of adsense at all. I’m glad she’s looking for an alternative!
What kind of advertising is she looking for? Pop-ups, text ads?? I guess you already probably went to Chitika, so how’s that going?

I love Chitika, it’s really great alternatives for adsense

I’m sorry, I realize now that me and nearly all others have been suggesting ad networks for publishers, and you’re looking to advertize. But still I’d use adwords, because there are so many adsense publishers out there and with adwords you get to display on google search too.
But if you’re looking for another solution, it depends if you’re into the us market, then fine, yahoo ads, as well as chitika are strongest for us market.
If it’s for europe market, you’ll have to look for local solution, I don’t know, they are specifics.

try paypopup :slight_smile:

I agree with this viewpoint. At the same time you can test the comparative

, ebay is great but nowadays it is hard to get accepted in their partner network because of people using CS to get undeserved commission…

hey help yourself try collection of thousands of alternatives / affiliated programs and I think comparison between these alternatives… chk it out.

Try clicksor also they have similar stuff like adsense

Clicksor is a great alternative to adsense but dont even try bidvertise they are a total waste of space.

I dont think we can geralize something like these ad network is better then adsense. In most cases ad networks are good in certain areas.

for example for blogs i think text-link-ads is better with inlinks.
for tech sites buysellads


Just in case it’s not obvious: advertising should be done after you export your product feed to all major shopping englines (Google Product Search, PriceGrabber,, ShopZilla, etc). It’s usually free.

I use commission junction

i have been curious too as to an alternative to adsense that would be friendly to some sites that are excluded in google’s ToS. specifically, i’ve been looking at starting up a gambling-info site, but have been stymied without adsense to turn too

i agree it

Check out BlackLabelAds, GreenLabelPPC, KlikVip.