Tell alternatives to adsense

Please tell me alternatives to adsense who is good, not bidvertiser, clicksor, adbrite,chitika, smowtion, byesellads. It is some else who pay good?

there is no alternative to adsense in terms of money earned.

It depends what you mean by “alternative”. No contextually matched networks come close, but you can get excellent (and often better eCPMs) from other more traditional ad networks like Tribal Fusion, Casale Media, ValueClick Media, and Burst Media if you have enough quality traffic.

Thank you for info, I’ll try with this network.

AdSense is the King!

You can try to use Adbrite, Fidelity Media, Value Click.
But if your site has illegal content then you can have problems with approving…

Why don’t the mentioned PPCs suite you? Some of them are really reliable guys, I think.

I just use adbrite as my alternative for adsense. Just keep on doing your knowledge in marketing for you to improve the clicks of your ads.

I use Adsense for my premium traffic and Fidelity Media with Adbrite for remnant traffic.
I think it’s perfect scheme!

unfortunately,you named the best alternatives.did you try infolinks ??rather good one. also you ask to name “good”…good according to what ???

…according to results

How about trying an alternative to CPC?

Have you tried monetizing through CPA or affiliate products instead? If not it may be more viable for you. Check out Peerfly/FluxAds for CPA and Clickbank/Commission Junction for affiliates…

I love infolinks. Most of my traffic has ctr of 15% or more. Less per click but more clicks.

In my point of view, Google AdSense still the best among all. There are people complaint about the CTR is getting lower, and people tend to look for alternative. However, if we look at the other side, it may be the competition has increased. Meaning, the demand of Google AdWords never decreased. Till to-date, I am still the Google AdWords advertiser :slight_smile:

These are the some alternatives of adsense:-
Infolinks / Intellilinks
Pocket Cents
Exit Junction
Dynamic Oxygen

if you have good traffic you can try adspilot on eCPM basis