Alternatives to Adsense?


I am relatively new to the who advertising and affiliate program thing. I have been using and Amazon for about a year now and have done ok for a while. But once that fizzled out. I began lookin at alternatives like Adsense…

I have been with adsense now for about 5 weeks. and have been doing ok, not too great… But yesterday, i was suspended by adsense for invalid activity…As far as i know, i have never done anything unethical… Yesterday there was alot of activity on a new site i acquired and i am sure myself, my biz partner and hosting company had hit refreshed alot due to a problem? I have appealed that. It says it takes a week for them to reply. What are the chances they will reinstate me? I was pretty honest with them… From reading these forums, it seems alot of people dislike google adense?

As for alternatives to adsense. What is everyone else here doing well on? I have checked the sticky thread “Ad Networks” above and checked out a few of them listed so far… Just wanted to see what everyone else thought…


Thanks for the reply Kenmore!! Sorry, i dont know your abbreviations for the ones listed after adsense.

I am working on getting another adsense,. its just a pain though…

lol, I guess so. I meant infolinks for ‘some time’, their just in the wrong order. I’m both a webmaster and a marketer, I did use adsense, but like i mentioned, i didn’t get any good results, so not a big fan. I also use, in addition to infolinks and yellowreach. I think it’s best to work with a couple different networks, that way, you don’t leave all your eggs in one basket". Anyways, these are just recommendations, keep looking around you’ll find a fit.

I’d go with adbrite or sign up to a few affiliate networks. If you just take a few minutes out and search Google you’ll find plenty.


in my opinion there is no alternative to adsense. yes adbrite may look like an alternative but in terms of money earned it’s really not an alternative.
if you really want to make good money on the net outside of selling your own ad you must use adsense, TF, CM, VCM, BM

or use cpa networks and be an experienced affiliate marketers or learn how to be one

i could be wrong, but i think since u have made 2 replies in the last 20 mins with same links, looks like your replying to any thread spamming your own link. if i am wrong sorry…

i just want legit info i can look into

TF : tribal fusion
CM: casale media
VCM: valueclick media
BM: burstmedia

their used to be what’s called second tier networks that give you okay money but not anymore.

try cpa networks as a second tier and at first you may not make a penny but i’m sure will if you work hard you will make good amount of money

you can try nuffnang…

I’ve worked with adsense, but the earnings are not good at all. I have been working with and also for quite some time now, they have good publisher program.

Thanks… but could be just a coincidence, but you registered today… have 3 posts… all of which are mentioning this yellowreach affiliate…but you say u been using that for ‘quite some time’ when in fact that site has only been around for 2 months or so according to its whois… hmmm