Is press Release Submission is wroking

Is press Release Submission is working?
When i was launched new product or service,have submitted lots of press release to high page press release websites,
Still i am not getting any traffic from my press release, is that really helps to increase to your traffic?

Press release is to catch attention of traffic on ur site…try to keep ur release unique and interesting for fruitful result…u’ll definetly get some good result…:slight_smile:

Press Release submission is something easy that anyone can do quickly on large scale. So don’t expect much return in terms of traffic from an activity that anyone of your competitors can be doing as quickly and easily as you.

if u r in a race and you know that its easy for ur competitor to accelerate his car same as u cld do will you quit…:wink:

tell me something exceptional and complex which others cldn’t do…:slight_smile:

If you make a quality article, not only traffics, you will get huge backlinks. The point is quality content, if people get what they want, they will take your press release. Share your articles to at least 20 press release directories and don’t forget to insert your anchor links.

I agree with reborn. keep on creating unique and attention-getter news articles. Be patient until you get more people watching for your submission and thereby start to see results.

Yes PR working in SEO but you must use news type of article while submitting in PR sites.

He he, great analogy, I like it!

By all means use press releases and article submission as ways to try and keep up with your competitors who are doing that. But don’t rely just on common SEO techniques and expect to overtake the leaders.

You sir, have won quote of the day. :smiley:

Too often the SEO threads on SP stick to discussing the same old stuff. Those who take the time to think up something exceptional and/or complex and test it out to see if it works, are the ones who will get the great results for their site.

if you look for traffic out of press release, chances are very very slim you would have it.
i would rather go for article marketing.

Some press release provider let juicy backlink on the articles, i prefer these kind of press release. my focus is link building

I agree wid u but instead of changing car I believe in modifying it…means make my thoughts exceptional as it can be changed elements cldn’t as dere fundamental property remains same…:wink:

yes Press release is working ,


Online press releases are a great way of generating awareness and traffic directly to your site. By including a non HTML URL link with http you can also improve your off-site search engine optimization


Press release is always beneficial if you are having something new to launch every week. We can’t see traffic coming from press releases because we do not have the option to post the link of a website in every press release site.

No new input = dead weight.

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