Where is a good place for press releases?

Help me! I am looking for a few good sites that release hot-off-the-press news to people. I found the Royal Society press releases but nothing else much? Are there any good sites that have releases about technology, like phones, music players, speakers etc, that release the latest specs of the latest gadgets/products?

There are many sites which do press releases. You may search on google. Technology releases depends upon the user who releasing, prwebdirect.com is also a good site.

Do press release help in traffic??

Yes this is true… but good PR website usually are costly… can anyone list the most important free PR ? (probably there is already a list in the forum but no idea where)

We always use PRweb for our releases. Are you looking for someone to write them, or just distribution? There are lots of freelancers out there for hire if you’re looking for writers. PM me!

basically just distribution because i will write myself…

PRWweb is one of the biggest and longest established, though you must pay to have your articles published there.

You can search online for list of best Press release sites.

Thats very true, i have been using 1888pressrelease, and it charges $25 per submissions. i have found this list

but what i would like to asj you guys is, i am searching for a site which charges a decent $5 per submssions, and has an excellent PR too… this list has many sites, but cant check each and every one personally!

Usually press releases are used when you are launching a new site, the two main purposes are for backlinks and traffic. You can try PRNewsWire.com

Hope you can find some cheap one :rofl:… let us know then…

I gathered all these press release sites from SEO Forums back in 2007, not sure which links still work and which still provides free press releases. But anyway, here you go.

PR Urgent - prurgent.com
PRLeap - prleap.com
PR Newswire - prnewswire.com
PRWeb Direct - prwebdirect.com
TheOpenPress - theopenpress.com
Free Press Release - free-press-release.com
Pressbox.co.uk - pressbox.co.uk

I-Newswire - i-newswire.com/
PR Free - prfree.com/
OpenPress - openpress.com/

Soft Press Release - softpressrelease.com
Market Wire - marketwire.com

URL Wire - urlwire.com/
Web Wire - webwire.com/
EMediaWire - emediawire.com
BusinessWire - businesswire.com
PR 9 - pr9.net
PR Inside - pr-inside.com
Canada Newswire - newswire.ca/
Press Release Network - pressreleasenetwork.com
PRWeb - prweb.com (Not Free)


Related to the question, I want to ask if press release is just effective in launching new sites? right? Or you do this continuously?

I hope someone can post free press release sites where they actually have experience posting their press release.

There are n number of sites where you can post your press release and all are available on net and if you market your press release in a good way then you can divert lot of traffic towards your website.

Yes this will be very usefull to know about.

Anyway nice list indeed, I will check as soon as I have time.:stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a giant list in front of you. I used many of them in 2007 and it worked out great.

Thanks. It’s more effective than starting new sites. Google is smart and can figure out if you’re starting multiple sites to promote one particular site. Even if you start new sites you’re going to have a big fat PR of 0 linking in which isn’t much link juice. Not only that it’s a lot more work for a lot less reward. Anyway, enjoy, let me know your experience with any of these on the list.

PinItUp – Thanks for the list. I had most but not all of these.

rispodium – Using online press release services depends on your goal. If you’re actually trying to build publicity for your company, you’ll need to use one of the more expensive paid services. If you’re trying to build backlinks, use the free ones.

I need to figure out how to use PR as my website exist already… I guess I need to create a new service inside my web then start with PR enhancing the new service available or something like that.

Read the basics, like the sticky notes and so forth on seochat.com/ visit the forums, they have tons and tons on PR. If you got lots of time you can really do a lot, or if you have a decent amount of money you can get very far if you spend wisely.