Press release submit Manual or Auto?

hi ,
i have a new hotdeal site and want to promote it . what you suggest to me either i should use any automated software or submit my press release by manually?

Manual is better. Takes longer but it has value.

but i am planing to go for a n automated software because it takes less time to generate massive back link for me.

If you’re using press releases for backlinks you’ve missed the point.

The opportunity in press isn’t a short-term seo benefit… the articles from a release blast come up and go away faster than search engines care. PR is about exposure to millions of people driving traffic, awareness and hopefully positive hype. There is far more to marketing that just SEO.

Good results from PR comes from stories covering your site. You don’t get those by blasting out a release automatically or even by sending it to sites by hand… You get it by developing relationships with relevant outlets and pitching them something that they can use to create a relevant story. That gets augmented with a wire release which other outlets are more likely to pick up because the see the lead stories created. Good coverage, relevant exposure and maybe a few links here and there but that’s just a side benefit.

If you’re still convinced it’s all about the links just remember that quality counts and a thousand duplicate articles on a thousand sites that publish nothing but duplicate articles isn’t worth much of anything.

the basic purpose is to generate link for my site, in the first step i use press release and business new submission and article markeeting. do you know any software for it?because i want rapid links.

If you want “rapid links” for SEO or Traffic a press release is by no means the ideal option for you. As I mentioned before, a Press Release is by nature something that comes and goes quickly so any service that just pushes out out there will either be ignored by search engines as an irrelevant service, filter out the link from their own pages or not keep your article up long enough to count or get seen. Despite all of the comments on how they get shown “all over”, Press Releases are about visibility, not links.

There are many other tactics for building links that are much more effective if you believe you need a lot of backlinks or small placements for driving traffic.

Frankly I fail to see what the goal is… If a link lacks relevancy, traffic or at least some idea of quality, it’s meaningless.

Don’t use any automated submission system. It is called spamming. Now a days, Google is checking the value of websites. So try to do manual every thing.

Manual submission always taking some to approved but you’re getting better result instead of auto submission.

IMO, manual submission for PR is most preferable and beneficial. I would also like to suggest you is, just submit your PR in high ranking press release site, let it get indexed, and then submit in other PR sites. The reason behind doing this is, when you are submitting PR for some new services or products, the other users post it on their own sites or blogs if they find the news interesting. This way, you will be able to gain some good amount of backlinks naturally.

Quality probably gives you a better return than quantity.

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