Need help for Press release Submission

Hi All,

Can anyone help me out with what is mean by press release and how to do PR submission. In what way PR submission helps us in getting backlinks.


Actcom, there are people who use PR for backlinks but that’s like using ice to make water, it’s secondary and not where the real value lies.

PR is about getting visibility plain and simple. With an effective release you’ll have far more traffic than a few backlinks generate, and the links you do get will be far better, for the short time that PR releases stay up.

Of course getting a real win from PR is not a simple process, not just a matter of pressing submit to a free service and watching the numbers grow. To get picked up you need to…

  1. Create a compelling story that is something the media would want to cover (i.e. more than how great your business is as a business).

  2. Prepare a strong, well formatted release with key facts and assets for editors to use in creating stories.

  3. Build a list of and reach out to the right media contacts who would be likely to run the story and help walk them through it.

  4. Distribute the release to an established service to get it seen.

  5. Follow back up until the story is as covered as is possible.

Press Release is a news article for the purpose of explaining that happening inside your company to others. It gives a platform for them to do their official announcements. The advantage with press release is that it gives rapid spreading about the information. We can get efficient backlinks and drive traffic through this.

Some of other advantages of press release,

New visitors
Doing press release will increase on-line reputation for any company.
Good way of promotion for newly started service by your company. is the first place to submit your press release, for sure. If you needed any help writing or submitting your press release, that is one of my specialties.


SEO press releases can bring you first-page visibility for your keywords very quickly. Sometimes, you can take over multiple spots on the the first page of Google for your keywords. By submitting SEO PR, you create backlinks from credible news sites which increases the ranking of your website or blog for your keywords, which in return will give possibility to make you visible in search engines.

Actually a lot of the responses your getting are wrong. First of all I would strongly recommend using, Jason one of the owners is a friend of mine and his service is by far and away the best. All major news services like Yahoo,AP, Google News etc pickup from his feed.

Composing your press release is like creating high value content for a website. You pepper the Press Release with keywords and buzz words that the news services will pick up on. You also will mold your website into the body of the Press Release being careful not to spam. I would suggest no more than (3) times in the message.

I have literally submitted over 1500 Press Releases using his service over the years and it brought immediate traffic and quality backlinks. The backlinks come because the news services would keep it as long as it was relevant, thus giving it a lot of staying power.

Beware of the Free Press Release services they are garbage and no one will pick it up. All major services offer free Press Releases but your links will not be enabled nor will it be featured or given priority unless you pay. It generally cost around $75 for an effective Press Release.

I hope this helps Scott.