Article Submission and Press Release

Hello friend,
Article Submission and Press Releases, which is most important in seo and why ?

If your Press Release is newsworthy and distributed well, then your release could get lots of legs and picked up by numerous sources. I personally like PRWeb as a paid PR site.

Both are important. But use of both articles and press release is different. You can get benefit from both.
You write the articles and submit these articles in different good articles websites and get strong back links and also traffic.

You also need to write press releases and submit these releases into different press releases websites and get good traffic.

You can use both at a time.

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Write a new article based on your website keywords and submit it into 30-40 article directories and submit a new article in next few days …:goof:(:. Use same author name in all directories and do it again and again until achieve a High PR and traffic. you can also do press release in order to increase back links and also traffic which helps to increase number of visitors to your site(::eye:

Agreed, both are very important. In fact all facets of SEO are important.

Both Article submissions and press releases offer SEO benefits. I personally find that press releases work better for SEO if there is a real reason to release it.

A well done press release on a paid site (not a free press release site) will be distributed to places that will provide SEO benefit as well as lend credibility to the underlying business. I regularly get traffic, phone calls, and emails (some spam of course) from press releases that have been put out.