Press Release is Still Helpful in SEO?

Hi All

I have one query. I done some off page activities like bookmarking and and article submission for my site and i got a good traffic from that sites. But I never get traffic from press release still I am doing press release submission in high priority.

So I want to know that press release is still helpful in SEO…

Avadhesh Mahajan

well press release is a part of off page criteria, so it must be done and you will have traffic from it, do press release manually , before doing press release you must go through with your content, title and summary and submit in good pr sites . you will find better results

Press releases would usually count as ‘marketing’ rather than ‘SEO’. Press releases on your website will give you little or no SEO benefit, because they’ll only relay search engines who are already on your site and don’t give any additional link juice.

The aim of press releases should be to get other websites to pick up on them, and to write about your news and give links back to you.

Press release is more of an announcement of a new product or just something new about your site.

Some press release sites offers a link back to your site (some allows anchor texts) though for SEO purposes, the press release itself will not be helpful much in that terms. In traffic and exposure to your site or product, it will be helpful as you can market your site/service/product to a wide reach.

Anything which provides a link back to your website is useful and will always be useful.

Generally, most of the press release websites have good pagerank, you posted an article on them, your article got indexed and ranked well. Which press release websites you prefer? Maybe you should find more press release websites and keep going.

Press release is an off page optimization technique which when done correctly gives good results. You have to find press release websites with good and high PR to submit to, most of the sites give backlinks and its also a good marketing strategy.

Whenever you press release is distributed through some popular press release distribution service such as prwire, online PR news, prlog etc. It helps to gain traffic and even Google news pick up your release.

In may press release distribution site the chance of placing your links are rare. So its not possible to get backlinks by it.

Do not expect much coming out of this PR campaign. But anyway, since you have already got them written, send them to a few premium PR portals rather than publishing them on multiple junk sites.

Bulk PR submission is just a waste of time. Most likely… this PR will not be entertained by journalists or bloggers.
Anyhow, to increase the impact of PR:

  • Keep the title interesting
  • Include your main keywords in the title so that your PR gets searched
  • Include links to your client’s website

press release is part of the off page optimization, and if you write a good content you will surely get traffic. You submit to press release sites with page rank this will help you.

Press releases won’t hurt. That sounds like a funny statement, but the websites that are willing to pick up your press release are going to have a decent page rank, and aren’t likely to get black listed by any of the search engines anytime soon. By going after moderately ranked websites you have the potential of landing on a bomb, even though that isn’t likely. Either way, press release submission is a great tool to use on your SEO efforts.

there are too much benefits from the press release like:

company’s visibility
Brand in International Market
spread your content world-wide
more Visitors/customers
helpful for searching news.
increase traffic
improve your SEO rating
Free & Quality traffic
& more…