My experience

Good morning everyone,
In July of this year I ventured into the internet world with limited knowledge.I was frustrated based on the fact I didn’t know where to start. There was nothing wrong with the first and second hosting service, but I noticed that my lack of knowledge annoyed them thus, I moved to Hostgator, they were there for me any time I called and I used to call numerous times a day
The have excellent customer and they open 24/7(::slight_smile:

I highy recommend Hostgator.

Thanks for the review, we appreciate you sharing your experiences. I haven’t been with HostGator personally but I have indeed heard good things about them! :slight_smile:

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I’m not surprised you’re happy with HG. I’ve been satisfied by their service for a long while now.

I suggest you use Pingdom’s free monitor to keep an eye on your site’s uptime. I’m quite sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially in the long run.

Thank you very much.:slight_smile:

The first host i used was namesco and i had a terrible time with them i switched to hostgator and was the best move i made custoner support is great.

Yes, unparalleled customer service:)

I dont recommend hostgator, it is worst hosting, my website upload about 12 seconds.

Sorry to hear that. My experience was positive.

I’ve got a few websites with Hostgator and it’s been great so far but like most shared hosts you get what you pay for. Think I’ve been really lucky with hostgator support… real time chat helps lots when there are problems.