Anyone Use Hostgator?

Opinions please?

I like the support offered by Hostgator team, they are very nice and good to solve /answer to your question.
From my opinion, it is a good hosting service.

I have used Hostgator for 11 years without a single issue. Their customer service is fast and top notch. Their cPanel is top notch as well. Can’t go wrong.

Host Gator very popular and is one of the world’s bigest web hosts out there, They offer almost the same service as Bluehost, Just Host and Host Monster since they are all owned by the same company…

It’s the best there is, as what everybody is talking about re fast support and other stuffs, they’re all good at it.

I am using HostGator too and is pretty damn good :slight_smile: Not a single problem in 2 months, also very qualified support team.

Hostgator has been around since so many years and is one of the best when it comes to customer satisfaction.

I have had no major issues with Hostgator since last 6 years and minor issues were easily resolved within a couple of hours by the representatives itself.

Though the packages are a little high as compared to blue host or justhost, it is well worth it considering your sites have 99.9% uptime, no major server issues
and a lot more features which other web hosting lacks.

Hostgator is one of the big and professional network that is for sure, I have personally never used them but I have seen many good reviews about them on internet.

Well, just remember you get what you paid for. Don’t go with them if you expect a lot of traffic. <snip/>

Where are you coming from with this - and why are you asking?

Oh - and where have you gone since Feb 28th? LOL