Review Hostagtor

I am not the host or affiliated to the host.
I have been hosted with Hostgator since 2007.
I am still hosted with them.
I have their shared hosting package and the domains, hosted with them.

TITLE: Hostgator
General features: 9/10 Hostgator are a web hosting company that offer secure, fast, reliable hosting from $3.96/month for new members

Reliability: 9/10
Downtime very minimum. Mostly due to my ISP.

Customer support: 9/10
I have use their customer support on software implementation. The support is fast and professional. They offer live chat support, support tickets and they also have a knowledgebase and troubleshooter.

Pricing: 8/10
Hostgator 's pricing is very competitive in today’s expensive market. You can get shared hosting for as little as $3.99 per month.

Space: 9/10
The space seems like unlimited. I can never use up

There is also enough bandwidth to get along comfortably

Hostgator is a very good web host, providing cheap, reliable packages for webmasters everywhere, whether you’re running a small or a large site. Their customer support is excellent and there are plenty of features provided such as cPanel and a useful ticket system, all of which add up to provide a very good hosting experience. I will never go to another site for web hosting

Highly RECOMMENDED!!:blush:

I’m also a happy HostGator member. Great quick 24/7 online chat support, great prices, no complaints so far.

you are right. I have been with them for more than 4 yrs. My two domains and are running smoothly

i was a hostgator member 2 years ago and was quite happy

100% Agreeed…
Hostagtor is going great …
i am too using this …
it is working great for me …

i am also hostgator customer, the good thing i like in them is they provide 24 hours live chat customer care.

I have used most of the major web hosts out there and am quite familiar with their pros and cons and when it comes to HostGator they are mostly pretty good in my opinion. I would stay clear of HostGator and all the shared hosting players if you are looking for something with a lot of control and flexibility however. This doesn’t mean they are bad at all, they are up there with the other 2 or 3 of the better shared hosts and for the price you pay you get a lot.

I would like to run through 2 of your points you mentioned.

Reliability: 9/10
Downtime very minimum. Mostly due to my ISP.
How would your local ISP cause downtime to a remote machine on the hostgator network? Do you mean “you” were unable to see your sites?

Space: 9/10
The space seems like unlimited. I can never use up

The space on HostGator is not unlimited at all as everything is measured on inodes, but as long as you are below your inode threshhold you can save/host many very large files to make use of the unlimited space featured words.

Also their 24/7 instant chat support arent really for the techy answers, they are just random guys not trained to answer the real questions, this you have to email and wait for a response from their NOC guys.

It great there are many happy hostgator customers. Nice posting and keep up the good work.