Invoicing system/scripts

I’m looking for an invoicing system that I can install on my own server that is similar in functionality to Freshbooks. It doesn’t need to have every feature they have, but basically would give me a way to invoice clients and give them a way to the pay online.

Freshbooks charges a monthly fee for their service which I’d like to avoid. I’m looking for something I buy once and then install on my server.

I’ve found a few scripts out there, but they don’t have good support from the developers. It needs to be stable and reliable.

Does anyone use a script like this in their own web business?

WHMCS is definitely a good billing solution.

Hi Tin,

Thanks for the suggestion. At first I thought it was a hosted solution like Freshbooks, but I see where they also have the option to purchase a license also.

I take it you use WHMCS yourself?

Yes, we use it and it’s been flawless. Good flexibility and functionality available.