Invoicing Clients

For those that invoice clients what do you use and why? How do you get paid? Currently im usin CurdBee and its pretty simple and it does have payment gateways which is nice but im thinking about using CurdBee just for recurring payments if I can find something else to Invoice with… so what does everyone use?

I use InvoiceMore because, well - that’s what I created it for. It handles recurring billing a little differently than most existing solutions - placing the recurrence interval on the service item itself instead of on an invoice.

I just use paypal. Very simple usually if you are willing to take on their fees. But perhaps these other services are better if you invoice very frequently

I tend to use PayPal as well, it’s pretty easy as an invoicing system and allows money to be transferred between accounts with very little effort on either end.

If you want something specific, I recommend: :slight_smile:

I absolutely stay away from paypal, and would advice everyone to do the same.
For invoicing I use blinksale, it does everything I would ever want and MORE :smiley:

I use Freshbooks. It’s intuitive, extremely simple to use, supports various currencies, and has all the functionality I currently need.

I’ll also suggest you to use Freshbooks… It’s really great with lots of features!