Advice on php invoicing software

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an open-source, php, invoicing software that will:
• let me add items as: project, description, hours, rate or as a flat cost
• Export as PDF (preferably with a template that is easy to customize with a branded look and feel.)
secondarily, it would be awesome to be able to create a username and password where my clients can log in, pay with PayPal and view their invoices

Can anyone make a recommendation? All the ones I’ve found enter lines as products with quantity and unit price.



Actually I also was looking for something like this, if you have real source please let me share.

Hi Magnus,

After posting this I realized I already had it.

I use this Web App for time-tracking. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this App. They used to have a rigid invoicing system built in that didn’t work well for my purposes, but it looks like they did an upgrade on it. It is fantastic!

For a single user it costs $12 a month.

• Not being the sort that likes bookkeeping, I save well over $12 a month from the hours I would have otherwise lost track of and not billed. Not the mention the time saved from manually recording and adding up daily records.

• Being Web-based means it doesn’t require the system overhead of running another software program. I always have a browser window open anyway. I have a 5 yr old iMac so I appreciate tools that don’t make that rainbow wheel spin.

• The bright colors and attractive design make it fun to work with.

I recommend this for any freelancer or small company.