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Can anyone advise of a good invoicing / payment system that i can setup on my website.

I often get calls from my clients asking me to make changes to their website. Some of these changes are minor changes whereas some of them can take a full day, or up to a week to implement.

I often find myself chasing my clients for payment AFTER the work has been completed.

I’d like to implement a system whereby i can raise an electronic invoice and then explain to the client that i work from an order list, which is based on paid invoices.

I implemented a similar system for a client before using - - however it seems over complicated and bloated, and all payments need to be made through PayPal.

I’d rather use a credit card system using Stripe etc.

Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you.

Not what you are asking, but I think you’d be hard pressed to get companies to pay you before you complete the work!

Not sure how it goes in IT, but in other industries there seems to be a 1/3 up front, 1/3 halfway through, 1/3 on completion type situation.

If you can get 100% up front, more power to you, but that seems unrealistic to me…

I look for 40% up front, and 60% on completion.

When i mention payment upfront, i am referring to that 40%

I suggest Freshbooks. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it is well worth the monthly price. As far as the 40/60. You’d have to create 2 invoices, but that takes less than 30 seconds to do. Freshbooks also works with Stripe, Braintree, PayPal etc.

Thanks, I’ve looked at freshbooks.

I’d like to use a system that works through my website, as I think it would feel more integrated.

I would suggest taking a look at Nutcache.
The free version does everything a freelancer would need. You can create your invoices, email them to customers, see when the customer views it etc.
You can then enable payment methods directly in nutcache so that your invoice would have a link where the customer can pay the invoice. You would get notified of the payments. You can even have Nutcache send reminders as invoices get older.

I don’t know what you mean by making this integrated in your website. Usually an invoice is just that, an invoice like a PDF that you send to customers.
If you integrate this into your site, this means you will likely need your customers to have logins to view their particular invoices. This means you have to make all your users sign up, or you assign them accounts so they can pay your bills. This is way to cumbersome for people!
Imagine if you hired a plumber and then when they were done, they said you had to now go to their website, create and account, then pay your bill there. How annoying!

I think 3rd party invoice tools are just great, and makes it easy on people to pay the bill. If they send you a check or use cash, you can just pay the invoice manually in Nutcache and send them the paid invoice just the same as a receipt.

If all you want is a payment system on your website, so people can click a button to send money, they just use simple Paypal buttons right? Have them type their name and then type an amount. When payments come in, you can edit your invoices however you want to.

If not Paypal, you can integrate similar buttons from Dwolla, Webmoney, or Stripe, etc. These are just for accepting payments, not really full invoicing systems.

On my website, I send clients the invoice with Nutcache, it has a note and URL to pay at my website. When they go to my site, they click a pay button where they type in their name and an amount. I just apply the amount to the Nutcache invoice myself. As a freelancer, this is not too much work, since one person can only work with so many clients at a time, it’s not like I have dozens of payments flowing in to manage, so it’s no bother at all to do it this way.

If you have a Wordpress site, I would not lock your business’s invoicing system to some WP plugin. It would be much better in the long run if your company’s financial records (invoices, customers) are in a professional product like Freshbooks, Nutcache, Quickbooks or many others. Then if you can somehow integrate those to Wordpress, this would be better than storing all your records in WP through a plugin and then trying to move that data out to Quickbooks etc.

Good luck on your hunt!

Hi, thanks for the detailed reply.

I was originally looking for a system that would allow me to send a secure link to each client, such as:

My client would then see their invoice (which is only available via the encrypted link), with a pay button that would allow them to pay via credit card.

I don’t know of a tool offhand, and you didn’t say what your current website is built with. Wordpress?

I don’t see this being an issue as a custom application. You just need a database table to store the invoices, and some scripting to apply the correct Stripe payment method.
The invoice table can have basic data about work performed, client information, custom terms, and the status of the invoice (new, open, partial, paid, etc).

The custom link is fine, but without user authentication, the link can still get out in the open.

Another way to do this is to use a normal invoice tool like Nutcache or whatever, store the PDF invoices on your server, then build some kind of script that can take your URLs and lookup the correct invoice. Your script could then (if it knows how much they owe) create the Stripe pay button as well. So essentially when a user clicks your link, they see a big button to download their PDF invoice, and another big button to send a payment.

If the Stripe payment is successful, you could have a script on the “success” page that updates your invoice and customer record as well.

You can also find an invoice system that is installable on your own server, rather than a cloud service. For example is one you can install on your own server, but integrating it into your site is another issue.

Great, thanks again for your help.

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