What do you use for client database and invoicing?

I have been using Freshbooks.com for close to two years now. Just wondering what everyone out here uses? Are there free alternatives? I’ve tried some others in the past, but haven’t found anything I really like (as far as free goes)


I’m not sure if I’m really allowed to post this, but from the site guidelines it says that self promotion is somewhat allowed, if it brings value to the discussion so I’l try anyway.

I used freeagentcentral_com for the last year, but recently quit the service there, because I only needed the invoiceing part and had some spare time during the holidays, so I coded a small rails app for our two companies, called Invoice App.

It is free and will probably stay so, as long as costs for hosting and support don’t matter (we are actually in the business of mobile applications).
(everybody can signup, I usually design all apps, so everyone can use them)

I recently wrote a short blog entry about it and some other nice invoice web apps out there: http://www.schmidp.com/2010/01/07/invoice-app/

All the best, Philipp