In a keyboard bind

I have a MacBook Pro 13.3" and plan on eventually hooking it up to my 21" monitor. I am looking around to find a keyboard to buy for this, and can not settle on something yet.

I like the feel of the keyboard on the laptop itself, the low design and quick typing. But, I was always fond of the traditional large key design keyboard, too. I am in college, and will be typing LOTS of papers along with coding for websites.

Do any of you have the Apple keyboard? I would plan on buying the wired version, seeing as I have no real use having a wireless one. I have enough USB extenders to reach across the room anyway. I can buy this keyboard from between $35-$50 depending on when and where I choose to buy it.

Any opinions on this, or other keyboards?

I don’t have a Mac but by the sounds of things you want to daisy chain USB to extend a keyboard wire? Personally I’d go with a wireless keyboard if they aren’t too expensive wires always get in the way or trail, etc.

I wasn’t saying that I plan on going across the room, but if it came to it I could.

I might just be going with the wireless. I have been looking around and I just love the simple design of it.

I have used Apple keyboards for years and wouldn’t want to use anything else. I’ve got the small wireless one these days (to my Mac Pro), which is pretty similar to the keyboard on my old MacBook. Had it for a year or so at least, and quality is still top notch. Love it!

I realise what you meant in the first instance (regarding only if you had to do and the extending cable). It makes total sense to go wireless even if it’s on a desktop machine and close to the computer itself. Assuming you find a nice wireless keyboard design (you feel comfortable using) you probably won’t ever go back to wired, believe me. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve decided that the wireless is my choice. I just need to come up with the money to buy it now :slight_smile: