I have a new Mac

I am a proud new owner of an iMac. I am so happy I went back to the Mac. I will never go back. :blush:


So sweet, congrats to your new iMAC:)

Sweet! Congratulations!


Thank you everyone. I love everything about this machine. I have the magic mouse, wireless touchpad and keyboard. I’m wondering if I should get a mouse pad for the magic mouse. I am using wood now and can see how it would wear away at the mouse after a few years. My monitor is 27".

nice monitor :slight_smile: - using 17" & 24" on my main workstation, myself


What are your next plans?

Thanks. Well, I’m getting up to speed with Adobe CS5 and Final Cut Pro 7. I’m not sure what my next move with be exactly… but I know it will be good. :cool: