Macbook pro 15 inch Retina display vs iMac 27 inch?

Either will be my main machine. Switching from an XP so it will likely be a brave new world for me. I have an iPhone and iPad to tool around on. Since I have only ever worked at my desk I foresee 99% of my future work to be done there as well. However, it would be very nice to be able to work while on vacation or at my boys sports events rather than just tooling around on the iPhone/iPad. I LOVE the idea of a 27inch of the iMac. Hard to give that up for only a 15 inch Macbook. Currently I already have a 1 terabit external drive. So the extra storage is a non issue. Do you have either? Which do you prefer?

I have both, the laptop being a bit older, though, so not retina or anything. It’s hard to go from 27" to 15", but you don’t have to. Sounds like a better option for you is to get the MacBook and then a separate screen (be it a Mac or a Samsung or whatever, the latter being much cheaper). Then plug the laptop into the big screen at home but still have the luxury of travelling with your machine.

So I can get a cheap desktop and simple plug my macbook pro into it? So essentially the macbook would be just a portable memory stick while on the desktop ya?

I’m just talking about a large desktop screen/monitor/display, rather than a computer. (You can’t plug the laptop into another computer, as such.) The laptop would be the computer. Apple makes a separate monitor (which looks almost identical to an iMac), but there are many other compatible screens on the market, some plenty good enough for the job (if you can’t afford the Mac one). Just make sure it’s a HDMA monitor.

I know a lot of pros who just use a laptop and have a large monitor at the office and/or at home into which they plug the laptop. But then they can take their computer to visit clients, go travelling etc. It’s a nice setup.

Ahhh… Thats a good idea! My XP mentality is showing through lol. My XP foreinstance could only handle a small jump in screen size. I assume the Macbook could power a 27 inch monitor right? And proficiently?

Ooooh yeah. :wink: (We aren’t talking electricity here, of course, as the monitor has its own power supply.)

If you can view that link I gave above, to the AU Apple site … though it might jump to US for you … you see it’s just a basic MacBook Air connected to the big screen, so if that can do it, a MacBook Pro sure can.

It’s pretty awesome. You can either view the same thing on both screens, or have something different showing on both—like your Photoshop palettes on the laptop and just the Ps document on the big screen … lots of possibilities. You can even daisy chain those big monitors in a long line. Pretty awesome, but also pretty $$$.