Mac or windows

Which is good Mac or Windows? I have to purchase a new laptop. should I buy a Mac book or a Dell?I want to go for apple but I’ve never used Mac. Is it too complicated?

Let the flame war commence…

Lol seriously…if you want to ask a controversial question, this is the one to ask.

I’ll start this baby off by asking you what kind of user are you.

Are you a professional, full-time web programmer and designer? Then Windows 7 is for you.

Are you an everyday user who doesn’t want to deal with complicated programs? Mac is for you.

In my view, Macs are more user friendly, but Windows 7 can do more in terms of programs. (There is tons more development for Windows than for Mac.)

Also, Windows tend to be much cheaper than Macs. Going off of the price that the Apple store sells at, subtracting the cost for the hardware inside, the OS is worth 1200 dollars. They also tend to have more flexibility of hardware that you can stick into your computer (which is very important for me).

I beg all of you…please don’t start a war. :smiley:


i agree with tehyoyo…instead of laying out a war the simple way would be choosing an os that is in ur budget, orelse that has features which you need most, os everyone says their opinion according to their convenience so its better you follow up personally

I had no idea that the topic is so controversial. Well, I’m a daily user. No programming. Just a lots of browsing.
Is it possible to install windows on mac book? or mac on PC?

Sadly this often does start a flame war but it shouldn’t. There are merits to both. The arguments above are not quite so black and white. I am a professional, full-time web developer and designer - and yet I’ve been using a Mac for the past 6 years. Before that I used Windows (since the beginning of Windows). I also got through several Windows machines in the past, replacing or needing to upgrade or tidy them every 2-3 years. I’ve been using the same Mac (a Mac Pro) for almost 6 years and have not spent anything upgrading it during that time. So, its actually been more cost-effective than my previous Windows/PC purchases. Having said that, PC hardware is now much faster and Windows is better than it was when I regularly used it. Yes, you can run Windows on a Mac, but you may need to buy software like Parallels plus a copy of Windows too. So, extra cost and complication. In the end, go with what your budget allows or what you feel comfortable doing. Its great there’s a choice so everyone’s happy.

You can run Windows on a Mac, but not the Mac OS on a PC—which is one advantage for Macs, especially if you need to test websites in IE etc. I have both Windows and Mac OS on my Mac, so I can use whichever I need to at the time. I can also have them open at the same time, which is great.

For day to day usage, there’s little real difference between Mac and PC.

Which one is cheaper, Mac of PC?

If you’re worried about cost, go with Linux - there are free distros like Ubuntu. :slight_smile:

Windows is more complicated, more vulnerable than Mac

I don’t know about you, but Ubuntu sucked my hardware resources like…a 3-year-old sucks juice.

I was using 80% of a 3.2 GHz CPU just running it. It might have been b/c it was on a Live DVD, though.

Cheaper? Windows 7 by a long shot.

For the uses that you described? Mac (although it kills me to say it) will do for you.

In reference to what kimaroc said, while Windows is more complicated, that’s because it is for more advanced users.


You can’t really compare an OS running from a Live CD or DVD with one installed on the hard drive. I’ve used Ubuntu for several years and find it excellent - noticeably faster than Windows on the same system. It also runs a treat on my (pretty-elderly) laptop. For really low-spec systems, Xubuntu is a lighter-weight version.

But one downside of using Linux for web development and design is that usual tools aren’t available for Linux. You’d have to use Wine.

Also, if you’re complaining about Windows being hard to use, don’t use Linux :smiley: I know I couldn’t figure it out.


The only thing I use Wine for (and I mean the only thing) is the Colour Contrast Analyser. I can’t find a Linux equivalent. Apart from that, I use Bluefish as an editor and GIMP for graphics - and there are plenty of other options available.

Ubuntu is supposed to be very easy, and in my experience, it is. So easy, in fact, even my husband can use it. :lol:

I’m not saying one system is better than another - just pointing out that the options are not limited to Windows/Mac, especially if budget is a consideration.

This is the bogus flame garbage we do not want here…Next time I see it…

  • And no, I’m not taking part, computers are tools, their use is personal prefence. My prefence is not the same as anyone elses. Treat computers as tools not a religion.

Really? I agreed with it…

I found Ubuntu hard to use, especially how to install things…


Can’t you check that out yourself? I don’t know what people are charging in your area. It depends on what you are looking for. There are cheap versions of each.

Yep, although you still need a computer to load Linux onto—which means getting a Mac or PC. Which do you use?

Well you would need a PC to run Linux b/c Mac doesn’t support booting from a DVD…


If you’ve only ever run it from the LiveDVD, as you said, then I’d imagine you couldn’t install anything anyway. After all, it does say something like “Try Ubuntu without making changes to your hard drive”… :slight_smile:

If you have Ubuntu installed on a hard drive, then you open “Synaptic Package Manager”, choose your software and click “Install”. How hard is that? Newer versions also have the “Ubuntu Software Centre”, which works in a similar way.

Personally, I use a PC - but then I’ve never owned a Mac. There are plenty of Mac users on the Ubuntu forums, so I guess the choice is purely personal. I don’t know if you can buy a Mac without a pre-installed OS, but you can certainly buy a PC that way (it’s cheaper if you don’t need an OS) and install your own.

Provided you burn the image correctly, you can install or boot from a CD, DVD or Flash drive. I suspect (although I’d need to check) you could also install/boot from an external hard drive.

I keep referring to Ubuntu, because that’s the distro I use and am familiar with, but as I said before there’s a whole range of Linux distros to choose from. Just pick the one that suits your needs.

it depends on your regular uses don’t both are equally good