What keyboard do you use?

So I have been writing code on a daily basis for a while now, and I have been working with a standard keyboard that came with my work PC. I have been having issues with my hands cramping up a bit and my wrists not feeling too great. It doesn’t stop me from doing my job, but it does slow me down, and by the end of the day have a bit of trouble focusing. So I decided to invest in a Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic keyboard. I’m just curious to know what everyone else is using.

Ducky Shine 4 with Cherry MX Blue Switches

It was only around $150 and is a very solid design and will hopefully last me a long time. It’s the type of thing that gets repaired, instead of thrown away. I’m on the computer at a lot, so I figured it was an investment. I bought it last Feb and am still really happy with the purchase.

I’ve been tempted to get a Ducky Zero with Brown switches for the office, but I haven’t yet.

Hi, I’m actually using an ordinary computer keyboard. Anyway, I have researched about Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and it looks like a good one because according to reviews, it has a natural wrist alignment that could make one to work a lot easier. I get interested to that also.

At work, it’s whatever comes with the HP desktop/laptops we buy. At home though, I tend to use fairly simple wireless Logitech models. One of the main reasons for that, is that I happen to like the mouse that they supply with them.

At work, I just work on my macbook. At home I prefer my Logitech G105 gaming keyboard, it’s a nice mechanical keyboard, I like the tactile feedback (and noise).

It’s a lenovo one. The one that came with my desktop when I bought it.

Just a standard keyboard:)

[quote=igor gregorio]I use a CODE mechanical keyboard at the moment, the ten keyless version with Cherry MX Clear switches. It has the best compromise of size, key resistance and noise I’ve tried so far. To be perfectly honest, I was attracted to it because of it’s minimalistic design. There are no markings on the case, all black with illuminated white keys set in Helvetica. I’ve tried their version with Green switches and found it too stiff for my own preferences, so it’s sitting on a box waiting on a buyer.

I also have an Apple Extended Keyboard II (scored it new for $20, a fortunate day), which is a pleasure to use, but it could double as an aircraft carrier. If I had more room, it would probably still be sitting here under use.

At work I’m restricted to Apple’s wired keyboard. It’s adequate, if harmless.[/quote]

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I read about all the fancy keyboards out there and feel embarrassed that I just use the standard Apple keyboard. I’ve finally gotten used to the smaller keyboard (without all the number keys etc.) I missed the forward delete button at first, but am surprised that clicking fn + delete has become automatic.

Recently, I got the newer wireless keyboard with the inbuilt battery, which is really nice, as I don’t have to mess with batteries any more.

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