Mac mouse and keyboard

I’m looking for Mac users out there. I need an external keyboard and mouse for my MacBook, when at home I end to use it with my HP w2007v monitor, but my desk is two low to use my MacBook’s monitor when on the keyboard draw and to high on the main workspace.
I have been looking a few different mice, obviously the new Apple Magic Mouse, but this is very expensive. The others I have been looking at are the [URL=“”]Logitech V470, and the [URL=“”]Logitech M555b.
In terms of mice I would like a bluetooth one to save on the valuable USB ports on my MacBook, as I tend to use it on the move a lot.

Then there is the keyboard. The obvious choice is again the Apple keyboards. To go Bluetooth or wired? Can a bluetooth mouse and keyboard both be used at the same time? Any alternatives to the Apple keyboard?

I would rather not send a fortune on this.

And advise would be greatly received


My currently preferred mouse is the Logitech MX Revolution (wireless). I’m on my fourth now.

For keyboards, I switch between the Apple Alu keyboard (wired, because I want my num pad), and the [URL=“”]Logitech DiNovo Mac Edition. Interestingly enough, the DiNovo Mac Edition costs a lot more in the UK than in Germany. Not sure why that is. Usually the prices within Europe are very close.

Both are exceptional keyboards. I have never typed faster with any keyboard than with Apple’s Alu keyboard. It’s immensely speedy, extremely flat keys, perfect key strokes and reaction time. The Logitech DiNovo Mac Edition keyboard is just as good, only different in its use. The key caps are slightly softer and not as flat. I find you work slightly slower on it compared to the Apple Alu, but I consider it a really top notch keyboard to work with. And it’s bluetooth.

I can’t say anything yet about the Magic Mouse because I don’t have it. I heard plenty of good things about it though, especially concerning the multi-touch technology.

If you prefer to not spend much money (which you said), then I can recommend the Logitech S530 Wireless (mouse and keyboard).

This is very subjective, but I am not a fan of the key caps of the S530. If you’re used to Apple’s newer keyboards, be it on the laptop or separate devices such as the alu or the DiNovo, then you’ll not fall in love with the S530. Another thing I don’t like is the rather large and heavy mouse (batteries). So, these are some things to consider. Technically, however, it works great! These are just minor nitpicks I have. I use the S530 whenever I need a second pair of keyboard and mice.

I really like the Apple Alu keyboards having used both the wired extended version and the wireless smaller format units for a couple of years. I would certainly agree with kohoutek’s assessment.

My own preference is for the wireless smaller format version as I find my mouse arm has to extend a little too far out to the right while using the extended keyboard for long periods of time, however, when I do need to enter a large amount of numeric data I do plug in and use the wired extended version.

I find the battery life on the keyboard to be excellent, requiring a change of batteries only once every three months or so.

The Magic Mouse however is another story. While it is in my opinion the best mouse Apple have released in a VERY long time and I find the touch surface fantastic for scrolling around documents it is not the most comfortable of units to use. I find the battery life to be pretty appalling, now onto my third set of batteries in the six weeks I’ve had the unit (the wireless keyboard supplied at the same time is still showing 91% battery power).

I will most likely replace the mouse with either a trusty Microsoft model or one of the Logitech’s that many people rate highly. I certainly would not buy the Magic Mouse as an independent purchase.


Thanks for you help Guys, I picked up an extended apple aluminium keyboard from the apple store when I took my MacBook in to get the display changed.

As for the mouse, I am currently waiting for a Logitech m555b (laser, bluetooth mouse) to arrive. Picked both of these up for the price of the Magic Mouse :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice guys! Much respected.