I wanted to know if clicks are made or not in my adsense monitored blog

I have a huge question.

I have my blog shippingmanagergame.blogspot.com which receives organic traffic of UQ of 100-200.
But the performace map in adsense shows countries that checked and clicked the ads, but I am not being paid for it.

Check the screenshot.

The screen shot shows you got 89 page views - it doesn’t say that anyone clicked on any ads. It would be rather surprising with so few page views if anyone had clicked.

So what does the Green spot in the map defines?Why it shows UK and Portugal alone there? I am getting views from others countries as well. Green spot always defines clicks only generally?

Is it a coincidence that the “top sites” that are listed are the same domain name but with different TLDs?

If you have several blogs and are clicking from one to the other I highly doubt they will be counted.

If fact I wouldn’t be surprised if your Adsense account wasn’t closed for click fraud.

I think that’s how blogspot works; it redirects you to the TLD for the country you visit from. If I paste the .com URL from the first post into my browser, it instead takes me to that site using the .co.uk extension.

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I think you’re right TB, I get that too. I’m always redirected to .it

I guess that’s where your 89 views came from.

Do you also have any kind of Analytics too, that will tell you. But it does look like you have had visits only from those two countries.

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