Hypothetical situation to Understand Ad sense Revenue

I stumbled upon this article →

But, I find 1000 Page view is slightly inappropriate.

Suppose a blog has 3,00,000 unique IP hits a month(10K unique IP hits a day), and per visit, there are 2 page views that make it 6,00,000 page views a month. Now suppose on every page a publisher is publishing 5 ads(w3schools.com, for example, places 5 ads on every page view on desktop full width).

Left, right, header, footer, etc so now in a month there are 3000000 = 3 Million ad impressions served.

3000000/1000 = 3000

Now if the whole traffic is Indian(as stated in that blog post) that means even if we take the lowest observation of 0.5$/1000 ads impressions served from that blog writer, then the income will be around =

0.5 X 3000 = 1500USD

Is my understanding correct? He wanted to say 0.5USD-2USD/1000 ADS served not page views - because a page view may have 1 ad served or many depending on how the publisher is handling, publishing and monetizing?

Why is it inappropriate? That level of traffic is probably accurate for most sites. And from my quick research is the “de facto” standard.

Ad revenue is NOT a get rich quick business. It takes a long time to build a brand and cull followers, which allows for higher revenue streams.

With politeness, I wanted to say that I know all that stuff, but I posted it not for the philosophical depth of getting rich, but some numerical figures that someone can help with if he/she is a webmaster of traffic’d site.

The number of page views seems inappropriate for postulating something in ads. I still believe it will be ads served, in total.

Actual ads served will be in multiples of actual page views for the reason sighted above(Numbers of ads served on 1 page).

You’re getting too granular. Ad Sense doesn’t pay based on ads served. It pays based on ads actually being acted upon (click throughs). Just serving ads doesn’t provide revenue.

I think the point of the page views is the “average” page views which is needed to generate the appropriate amount of revenue.

BEWARE that there have been many Google Ad Sense users that foolishly relied on their advert revenue. Later Google changed their algorithm (especially on YouTube) or closed the user’s account and they had tremendous difficulty in restoring their income.

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Yes, I had read a lot about such incidence. what is your take on alternative methods to monetize traffic, excluding affiliate marketing.

One such alternatives could be →

The publishers can benefit based on impressions served.


I totally agree with this quote from https://tools.Pingdom.com:

“The internet is fragile!”

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