Adsense page views vs Analytics page views


There is a huge difference between Adsense page views and Analytics page views of my web site. Any reason ?

Also I see sometimes Adsense shows 130 page views and then I see it drops to 75 page views. How can this be possible? subtrackting bots?

Possibly the effect of content blockers, some will block all ads and tracking, some ads only, some tracking only - depending how each person has their blocker set up.

thanks for the reply. though I use a anti-adblocker code on my website. so it can’t be the reason. at least the main reason.

still doesn’t explain why I see drops during day in my Adsense views.

My guess would be the “Adsense day” is not the same as your “day”. For example, if your day is midnight-to-midnight your time zone, it could be Adsense is using a different time zone for its “day”, or maybe its day is a dynamic “past 24 hours”

nope, Adsense and Analytics use same timezones.

This may help -

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thanks. I have read it. still not helpful to esplain the huge difference.

today I have more than 1000 Analytics page views but Adsense shows only 400.

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