On an avg i hav daily 300 visitors and 550 pageloads, but i rcv just 3-4 clicks?

Guys plz help me i would be very very thankful.What is wrong with my adsense ad placement.The ctr is just .5%
I receive a decent amount of traffic but I’m getting very little revenue as the clicks are very few.

My blog address is http://5530xpressmusic.com


How much the payment is per click isn’t going to affect the number of people who click.

For most sites somewhere between 5 and 15 people clicking on ads per thousand visitors is about what you can expect as most people are more interested in obtaining the information they are after than they are is supporting the person who wrote that information so that the author can afford to write the web page that they will be looking for next week.

I can understand the principle of not having clicks on ads.

Me, personally, I never click on ads on webpages. I don’t want to get myself transferred to other sites just for commercial purposes.
I can’t remember myself clicking on an ad - ever since I’ve been using internet.

Who of you guys actually is clicking on ads on websites?
Aswel knowing that when clicking, someone else is getting rich, and knowing that you get transferred to a website with commercial purposes.

I never get myself tempted by an ad. Not on internet, not in newspaper or on television,… I can’t understand people who do get tempted by ads… :confused:

So for that reason, I’m not surprised that ads don’t get clicks. Even on which position of the website they are placed, I always skip them. If I watch a website, I want to see the website and content, not the ads.

Experts Plz Help

Sounds like you are getting excellent results from your current placement. Since people don’t visit pages in order to click on the ads a percentage as high as you currently have is a good result.

Now if you had several thousand visitors and only one or two clicks there’d be room for improvement.

Do you mean 5% or 0.5% ?

the ads placements are very good, the colors are fantastic, the only reason maybe that google are not paying that much for your nitch