I need some feedback

This is is my second UI design project so i am still pretty new to this. When i look at it everything just looks and feels wrong and am honestly not sure what i can do to imorove it.
Here is the link:

Sorry, @subulade78, but those images are so small I can’t see enough to be able to comment.

Do you have a link to a live page which you could share? It’s hard to comment on just an image, without any idea of how it behaves in use.

That’s pretty general. smile Can you be more specific about the area(s) you see as problematic. Is it the colour scheme, choice of fonts, layout, something else?

There’s a zoom drop down in the top right (I had to find it)

I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, and I’m a guy so wouldn’t be in the market for your products, so I can only comment on basic design elements. I’ll just go screen grab by screen grab.


  • I think the issue here is the logo (if that’s what it’s supposed to be) is centered vertically. Then you add the title below it and now it’s off balance. Move the logo up about 20% so the logo is about 1/3 down the screen and it should look more balanced
  • The logo looks…squished for lack of a better term. If you’re going for a head look, then the “neck” needs to be wider.
  • The gradient is really harsh. Either soften the gradient or perhaps add a border around it.


  • Too many fonts. There are four distinct fonts there, and they don’t go.
  • spelling errors (extention should be extension)
  • The text over the photos need more contrast and should be centered in the photos
  • The header seems REALLY large. Does it need to be that tall?

#3 and #4

  • Same comment on header and font
  • The tan background is close enough in hue to the white that it clashes. Either the hue needs changed or it needs a border
  • There is a definite lack of punctuation in the text and again, spelling.
  • Should there be a title element in the tan background block?
  • The view button seems large for the rest of the elements in the screen.
  • Size of icons at bottom is different than #2, which would bother me. The size from #2 seems more appropriate


  • Header bar is a different color - is that intentional?
  • What is the point with the “more information” button?
  • Same comment on the tan/white clash
  • “Size Guide” is basically unreadable, especially on smaller phones. I have one of the largest screen size phones on the market, and I’d never be able to read that on my phone.
  • This whole page needs more breathing room. The white boxes need more width and height and have more space between them. In the larger boxes, the content needs more space around them. In HTML terms, the white boxes need a larger vertical margin, a smaller horizontal margin, and more padding.
  • Watch your element placement - some of your size icons are off center and skewed.
  • The gradient button is different than all the other icons in the screenshots and basically not good…
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